Britain's Oldest Twins Say They're 95 and Thriving Because of 'No Sex and Plenty of Guinness'

Lilian Cox and Doris Hobday

A pair of identical British twins — who also happen to be their nation’s oldest — have charmed the hearts of people around the world after recently sharing their tips for a long and happy life.

When it comes to the secret behind their longevity, Lilian “Lil” Cox and Doris Hobday know the two things that have helped them thrive well into their 90s: “No sex and plenty of Guinness.”

That’s what the spunky 95-year-old women told the talk show hosts during a recent appearance on ITV’s This Morning, where they were interviewed over their sudden Internet stardom after creating social media accounts earlier this summer.

When asked why refraining from sex was a key to longevity, Doris simply stated: “Well, I don’t have a husband!”

Lilian Cox and Doris Hobday

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Though the twins weren’t physically engaging in sexual activities, that didn’t mean they weren’t thinking about it.

During their appearance on the talk show Monday, hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield couldn’t help but also talk about Lil and Doris’ adoration for actor Jason Statham.

The twins previously revealed in a Facebook post that they were huge fans of Statham — and even went to see the new Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw movie in VIP seating. They later gave a cheeky review of the film and raved over Statham’s performance in a video shared to their account.

When asked their thoughts on Statham, 52, Monday, Lil admitted, “Oh I love him’, while Doris chimed in, “Well I think he’s fantastic … He is a nice lad.”

To make her love for Statham clear, Lil took it one step farther and jokingly told the hosts, “One night with him and I’d…” but was then cut off by one of their Facebook clips.

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Born in Kings Norton, Birmingham in 1924, Lil and Doris moved to Tipton at a young age and have lived there ever since, according to their Facebook page.

“Although similar in many ways Doris was happily married for 65 years, did not have any children while Lil had five, producing 13 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren,” their page reads.

The sisters, who currently live next door to each other, recently celebrated their 95th birthday on July 20, becoming Britain’s oldest set of twins, and marked the historic occasion by creating social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Within two months, the sisters have amassed thousands of followers and charmed the hearts of people around the world for their spunk, charisma, and sweet interactions — often recorded in videos on their account, @tiptontwins.

From their daily activities to reviews of their Samsung smartphones to even chair yoga sessions, Lil and Doris have become Internet sensations and earned the praises of social media users around the world — something they said has “brightened” their days.

“We have been [recognized on the street], it’s brightening,” the women said, according to The Daily Mail. “[They say], ‘Oh, the twins, can we have your photo?'”

“We’re enjoying the attention,” the sisters added.

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