Britons spend almost six hours outside every day

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And one in four believe it’s the only chance they can get for some peace and quiet away from the hectic household. It also emerged that two thirds of adults believe the way they spend time outside for leisure has changed in 2020. But with long woodland walks likely to have been replaced with strolls around their local estate, 49 percent admitted to being concerned about air pollution levels.

The study was commissioned by NiQuitin, which joined the British Lung Foundation to empower people to take action and work towards healthier lungs.

Sarah Woolnough, the chief executive of the British Lung Foundation, said: “For the 12 million people in the UK affected by a lung condition such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, it can pose a real and immediate threat to their health and overall quality of life.”

“The pandemic has highlighted the importance of healthy, resilient lungs and now we must provide the information people need about air pollution, an otherwise invisible killer, to protect themselves and those around them.”

The study also found that despite being generally worried about the levels of air pollution around them, half of adults have “no idea” what the levels are in their local area.

As a result, four in 10 adults would like more information about local air pollution levels and the inherent resulting risks.

A further 46 percent would welcome stricter clean air regulations, while a third want to see Clean Air Zones.

Just under a tenth of respondents said it is difficult – or very difficult – to access what they consider to be clean air, from where they live.

But more than half also believe the COVID-19 pandemic has led them to do more to protect their lung health.

Because of this, a quarter has stopped exercising near busy roads and four in 10 have cut back on their driving, according to the OnePoll research.

Additionally, many of those who smoke have taken steps to boost their lung health, with two thirds more motivated to cut down or quit altogether – as a result of the pandemic.

Laure de Brauer, from Perrigo UK & Ireland, the creator of NiQuitin, said: “Lung health has been pushed front of mind by the pandemic and we are encouraged to see the rate of smokers acting on this awareness, feeling motivated to cut back on smoking or quit the habit altogether.

“Lockdown has also had a real impact on people’s appreciation for their health, and in particular lung health.”

15 reasons Britons are getting outdoors

1. To stay fit and healthy 

2. To clear their mind           

3. To improve their mood   

4. To make them feel healthier         

5. For sports/exercise       

6. To energise them

7. To get some peace and quiet   

8. To switch off from work

9. To walk the dog

10. To improve their step count         

11. Because they are bored at home         

12. To meet friends

13. To make a distinction between work life and home life 

14. To get some time away from their family

15. To get some time away from their other half

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