Brits in the North East most likely to shop sustainably

THE country's most sustainable shoppers live in the North East, with three quarters claiming they're eco-friendly when buying their hauls.

But Brits in the South West are the least likely to consider the planet when buying goods, new research has found.

A study of 2,000 adults by beauty brand weDo/ Professional found three quarters (74%) of those living in the North East claim to be make green choices when shopping.

A third of those in the region would happily pay more to ensure their beauty products were cruelty-free or made from natural ingredients – more than anywhere else in the country.

North East residents are also more likely to buy more expensive organic meat (37%) and fruit and vegetables (46%) rather than cheaper alternatives to do their bit for the environment.

Londoners came second with 65% claiming to be sustainable when they shop.

Those in the capital are prepared to pay up to 25% more for an item that was completely cruelty-free, sustainable and ethical.

This is compared to the national average of just 19% more.

Less than half of those in the South West (46%) think about the impact of their purchases on the planet, along with only 48% in East Anglia and 49% in Northern Ireland.

HERE is the list of regions and percentage of people who think they are sustainable shoppers:

1.            North East – 74%

2.            London – 65%

3.            East Midlands – 59%

4.            Scotland – 59%

5.            South East – 59%

6.            North West – 56%

7.            Yorkshire and the Humber – 56%

8.            Wales – 54%

9.            West Midlands – 51%

10.          Northern Ireland – 49%

11.          East Anglia – 48%

12.          South West – 46%

Elinor Brown, spokesperson for haircare brand weDo/ Professional, said: “Sustainability has become a real issue recently, especially when it comes to their beauty regime, with shoppers much more concerned about how items were produced.

“When purchasing something, many are now making sure it is something which was made from sustainable ingredients, ethically or in a cruelty-free way – even if it means not buying the cheapest option.

“Sometimes it just means making a different choice to your usual product in order to be more sustainable when you shop.”

The study also found 59% of those in the East Midlands think they are sustainable shoppers along with the same number in Scotland and the South East (59%).

Nationally, 57% of people claim to think about the environment and ethics when they shop with 37% going as far as to say they would refuse to buy meat and dairy products which weren’t produced ethically.

A quarter would only buy hair dye made in a sustainable way while a third said the same of shampoo and conditioner.

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Confusing packaging is stopping shoppers from buying sustainable beauty products, a study has found.

It comes as more than two thirds of Brits believe brands can do more to reduce waste and help save the planet.

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