Brock Collection’s First Bridal Collection Is Pure Romance

Brock Collection has long been beloved by brides and bridesmaids for its romantic, ethereal, whimsical, and at times gothic take on dressing, but the brand had never created an official bridal range — until now. Last week, Laura Vassar and Kristopher Brock announced their first collection for weddings in collaboration with Over the Moon, an e-tailer of all things feminine and chic for the bride-to-be.

Known for its dainty floral prints, formal fabrications, and ultra-ladylike sensibility, Brock has always been a natural fit for weddings, but the designers felt it was time for something a bit more official on the bridal front. “I think we all earned a little celebration after this past year. This collection is super special, super custom, and very Brock. [It] checks all the boxes of what a bride is looking for–– polished and romantic, without being too delicate,” says Vassar.

The 15-piece capsule collection focuses on looks for the entire trousseau and bridal party, rather than simply the ceremony gown. This isn’t how ready-to-wear designers usually enter the bridal space: it’s more typical to begin with wedding gowns before turning to bridesmaids’ dresses or clothing for other events. But for Brock and Vassar, it felt right to launch all their ideas at once. “It was important for us to offer a mix of bridal and bridesmaids silhouettes to speak to the whole bridal party,” explains Kristopher Brock. “[We] feel that we are able to help tell a more cohesive story this way.”

That story works seamlessly for Over the Moon, whose ultra-femme aesthetic parallels Brock’s. “The OTM follower and client typically has an affinity for pieces that are feminine and floral,” says Alexandra Macon, founder of Over the Moon. “She’s also craving newness right now. We tried to bring all of those elements into one collection.”

Given that a Brock Collection look is more of an investment than a stereotypical bridesmaid’s dress, Brock, Vassar, and Macon treated versatility and longevity as paramount — especially since it’s become commonplace for weddings to morph due to health and safety concerns and COVID restrictions. All parties wanted to create pieces that could work even if the event change. All parties wanted brides to be able to wear their Brock Collection x OTM piece no matter the formality or time of year of their eventual event.

“We all have one dress (or two if you’re lucky!) that just works,” says Vassar. “It fits right and you feel great wearing it, whether to a cocktail party or a backyard dinner party, it never requires too much thought because it’s that good—and that’s what these dresses are to me. I want them to become part of your wardrobe staples. One of my favorite dresses is the Davi, which I can see a bride wearing to her shower and then just as easily styling with a wicker belt and a cardigan for a lunch with girlfriends. I love that this collection can be worn by a bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest and then still work for their next event if their role in the day should change.”

Macon explains that the collection is intended to tick all the possible boxes of a bride’s wardrobe: “It was important we provide a variety of styles that a bride can wear to all of the events surrounding her wedding. For instance, the Devon silhouette could easily be for a backyard ceremony or for a bride to wear to her luncheon the day after the wedding, [but] it is also the perfect city hall dress.”

To achieve that versatility, Vassar and Brock revisited their archive and best-sellers, hoping to land on a universally beloved range for weddings based on the label’s track record with cocktail, evening gowns, and daytime dresses. “It was such a joy to create,” Vassar says. “These are my favorite styles I have ever done in my career, and they seem to be the customer’s as well.”

As Brock explains, the collection was designed for longevity: “For us, it’s always been about timeless silhouettes, in effortless yet interesting materials and prints. For this capsule, we developed multiple archival prints in different silks and focused on the most-loved silhouettes from previous seasons.”

Both brands felt an added pressure to live up to the expectation of the post-pandemic bride, one who has been waiting patiently for the return of celebrations. “I’d be lying if I didn’t feel a bit of pressure that it had to be perfect­—but a good kind of pressure, the kind that comes from excitement,” Vassar says. “I love to create knowing there is (and was!) so much pent-up excitement for weddings and events—I felt like we had to nail it. Thinking and imagining all the beautiful celebrations yet to come, specifically after the state we have been in, was truly a dream.”

If these collaborators are right, the future of wedding fashion is feminine, floral, gamine, dainty, and sweet—aka undeniably Brock. Primed for outdoor parties in the spring and summer, the collection features a hit parade of styles, from puff sleeves and off-shoulder necklines to micro-florals, Victoriana, prairie-chic, and more.

“We’re seeing that a lot of our customers and clients really want there to be a ‘wow’ factor when it comes to their wedding wardrobes,” says Macon. “We set out to provide that in a way that feels effortless and fun, but also romantic, special, and above all else, optimistic for what’s [ahead]. After a long, difficult 18 months or so, now felt like the right time to launch a collaboration like this. Weddings are starting to really come back again, and this makes us incredibly happy and hopeful for the future.”

Brock Collection’s 15-piece debut bridal collection is available exclusively on Over the Moon, ranging from sizes 0-16 and starting at $900.

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