BTS’ Quotes About RM Highlight Why He’s The Perfect Person To Lead Them Through Success

I think we can all agree that BTS is the biggest boy band in the world right now. The K-pop superstars are dropping their new album, Map Of The Soul: Persona, on April 12. They’re set to appear as musical guests on Saturday Night Live on April 13, and fans will most likely get to hear their new single "Boy With Luv." And following the SNL gig, the boys will head back to South Korea for more promo before returning to the U.S. to kick off their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself stadium tour on May 4 at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles. It’s a lot, you guys! Luckily, the boys have had a strong and super talented leader at the helm from the get-go, one who’s helped steer them as they barrel towards what can only be described as total world domination. And BTS’ quotes about RM will make you understand why he’s the right — and only — man for the job.

A little background first. RM, aka Kim Namjoon, was BTS’ very first member. At just 24 years old, he’s not only BTS’ leader, but also a writer, singer, producer, go-to guy, and basically all-around creative genius. He’s also the group’s only fluent English speaker. He revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that he taught himself the language by watching Friends with Korean subtitles.

Could he be any more amazing?

RM’s band members actually seem so in awe of his talents and so appreciative of his leadership skills. In fact, they’re all totally down to give RM his rightful props any chance they get.

Check out these 10 BTS quotes about RM.

On his songwriting skills:


"He is good at composing, but I especially admire his ability to write lyrics," Jin said about RM’s songwriting in the We Love BTS special on Hulu Japan. "When I look at his lyrics I think, ‘How can he think like this? How can he be this sensible?’"


Jimin opened about RM’s indispensable help while he was producing his first solo project, "Promise," in a Jan. 19 VLive broadcast. "After Citi Field, I talked to RM that I wanted to write a song about what I felt during the concert as my next project. He advised me not to push it for later days and to try to write a song right at that moment.”

The advice really stuck, and RM really played a key role in developing the song’s hook. "I really think he is a genius," Jimin shared. "I told him that I want something like ‘I want you to love yourself’ for the hook. He thought for 2-3 minutes and gave me those lines."

On his English speaking skills:


"RM is really smart," V explained in Hulu Japan’s We Love BTS special. "I admire his ability to speak English. He speaks so well in English."

On his ability to lead the team:


During the We Love BTS special, J-Hope pointed out that despite the fact that RM is an effective leader despite not being the oldest. "We are the same age, but he leads the team," he explained. "And that leadership is so admirable."


"It’s really hard to stand in that center all the time. He stands there, responsible for the team," Jimin shared during the Hulu Japan special. "Not only that, but he always looks back on the fact that he’s a singer and thinks deeply about it. I think that’s very awesome."


"RM is such an admirable person," Jungkook explained in the We Love BTS special. "I can’t even put into words. That’s why he is the leader of our team. I think he has many sides we can learn from, as a singer, as a human being, and as a friend."

On taking care of his team:


During an interview with the Qoo translated by Pann-choa, Suga got honest about RM’s personality. "He’s very prudent when it comes to the work he does. He’s very conscious of others’ opinions," he said.


"When I first started composing music, I felt stressed and burdened by my thoughts, so I was looking for a way to relieve [that stress]," Jimin shared during his Jan. 19 VLive broadcast. "While talking to [RM], he told me that he had relieved a lot of his own stress by making music. We talked for a long time about that, and it made me want to compose my own song to overcome those [feelings]. So I started working on music."

Man, RM just sounds like the most perfect leader, doesn’t he? He’s smart, talented, inclusive, and humble. But don’t worry, according to the members, there are a couple things he’s not a master at, confirming he is, in fact, human, and not a wizard.

On being endearingly clumsy:


Firs thing RM isn’t a wizard at is, apparently, hand-eye coordination. "He has no perspective of distance," J-Hope shared. "He just breaks everything once he steps out (of the house)… Hmm.. He always feels sorry, he’s the type who’d take care of you at the right moment


According to Jin, RM’s not the best dancer either. In an interview on JTBC’s Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, he shared, "I’m not a good dancer but RM is really terrible at it. When it comes to choreography practice, the rest of the five members learn from the dance instructor while RM and I are excluded from the group and end up learning the moves in the corner."

Well, ARMYs love the way RM (and Jin!) dance! So keep it up, boys! Look, RM can’t be perfect at everything, ok? If he was a genius at every single thing, I’d honestly be a bit freaked out.

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