Budding artist mercilessly mocked after sharing ‘uncanny’ portrait of Adele

Adele often leaves people in tears at her moving songs about love and heartbreak.

But now the 33-year-old has got people crying for a very different reason.

A budding artist has left people in stitches by attempting to draw the British songstress.

Appearance wise, the London-born musician is recognised for her black winged eyeliner, voluminous blonde hair and her beaming smile.

However in this one Reddit user's interpretation, Adele is looking a little different than she usually does.

Taking to the online forum to share their masterpiece, the painter included a snap of the singer next to their abstract creation.

In the painting, Adele has lost her famous winged eyeliner and contagious smile.

Instead, the piece of art depicts the musician having a rather thick neck, three huge front teeth, stick thin eyebrows and a very weary look on her face.

A real far cry from the cheery persona Adele usually has.

But, with their questionable attempt of painting Adele most likely not to get the seal of approval from an art gallery, fellow Reddit users seem to approve of the interesting take.

Since being posted to Reddit a few hours ago, the unusual interpretation of Adele has received 3,900 upvotes.

Left in fits of laughter at the Adele portrait attempt, many people fled to the comments to share their thoughts on the peice.

One person sarcastically commented: “Uncanny.”

Another user joked: “That does look like someone who would set fire to the rain, or at least try.”

A third person voiced: “I did a similar thing to this when we had to do a portrait of a friend in Year 5 at primary school.”

Someone else chuckled: “Wait a few years and sell this, you should easily be able to pay off the mortgage.”

As a fifth person remarked: “Congratulations. You’ve just given her material for her next album. Maybe even two.”

Let us know in the comments what you think about the painting of Adele!

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