Cardi B And Offset’s Short-Lived Breakup Has People Even More Convinced It Was All A Publicity Stunt

The rap super couple was spotted together in Puerto Rico just weeks after their alleged breakup.

Cardi B and Offset’s breakup appears to be over almost as abruptly as it began, and people who think that the entire thing was only a publicity stunt are now even more convinced of it.

As People magazine reported, the rappers were spotted together in Puerto Rico just two weeks after Cardi B’s dramatic announcement on social media that she was seeking a divorce. Offset had been embroiled in cheating rumors, and Cardi said that they had just drifted apart.

But the split immediately raised suspicions among fans, who noted that it coincided perfectly with the release of Offset’s debut solo album. Many grew even more suspicious when both rappers used the split to garner attention on social media, with Offset posting a video pleading with his wife to take him back and Cardi sharing developments with fans.

The split grew even more dramatic last week when Offset showed up to Cardi B’s concert unannounced, appearing on stage with a sign asking her to take him back. Some fans noted that the stunt would have needed the cooperation of Cardi’s stage crew, making it improbable that she had no knowledge of it.

As the USA Today report noted, the couple seems to be reunited after pictures showed them riding a jet ski together in Puerto Rico, where Cardi B is set to perform at a concert.

“In photos obtained by TMZ on Friday, Cardi, who was dressed in a white bathing suit and blonde hair, and Offset, who was dressed in star-patterned swim trunks, were pictured riding a yellow jet ski together with the mother of one’s arms around her estranged husband’s waist,” the report noted.

Many took to social media to express doubts of whether the split was ever real to begin with.

This would not be the first time that a celebrity has been accused of faking a breakup in order to gain attention. Reality television stars have often come under scrutiny for their relationship moves, including the Kardashians whose relationships — and breakups — are always under the microscope.

Jay Z and Beyonce were accused of a publicity stunt in a situation that closely paralleled the Cardi B and Offset breakup. In early 2014, the music super-couple appeared to be on the rocks after Jay Z got into a fight with Beyonce’s sister after the Met Gala, leading to a string of reports about his alleged infidelity during the marriage with Beyonce. The rumors followed the couple throughout their joint summer tour — which many fans thought was really a ploy to bring attention to the tour — but it ended abruptly as the tour came to a conclusion, and the next week Jay Z and Beyonce traveled to Italy to renew their wedding vows.

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