Cardi B Surprised Everyone by Rapping About Her Divorce from Offset Last Night

Cardi B and Offset left fans shook when they announced that they were splitting up after a year of marriage on Wednesday. But while you and I might still be processing this news (I’m 100% still not over it), Cardi is already out here casually rapping about her upcoming divorce.

At a show in New York last night, Cardi performed MotorSport, a song which also features Offset and her now-nemesis Nicki Minaj. The lyrics that she sings usually go, “I turn Offset on/ I told him the other day/ Man we should sell that porn,” but last night Cardi changed them to say “I turn Offset on/ I told him the other day yeah we gon get divorced.” 😮

Cardi B remixed the lyrics to ‘Motor Sport’ to say “I turn Offset on. I told him the other day we should get divorced” 😂🤣

Offset, for his part, doesn’t seem to amped about the whole situation, and tweeted the next morning saying, “FUCK YALL I MISS CARDI.”


So it doesn’t look like the feeling is mutual, and hopefully Cardi will let us know what’s going on with some other improvised lyrics the next time that she performs.

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