Care Jordan: The 10 Most Expensive Philanthropic Ventures Of Michael Jordan

An NBA Legend known for his gravity-defying skills, Michael Jordan has had a humble beginning in Wilmington, North Carolina, that taught him the true value of money. His mother worked at a bank while his father was an electric supervisor who made ends meet for him and his four siblings. He first came to prominence playing basketball for the University of North Carolina, and he left after the second year to be drafted by the NBA in Chicago Bulls. Winning six NBA Championships with the Bulls, Jordan has a winning streak that remains unbeaten. He has amassed a $1.6 billion fortune through his sports salaries, business ventures, and collaboration with Nike for Air Jordans. He also likes to give back to the community and has made several expensive donations to charities.

From helping educational institutes continue various school programs to spending money on developing social reform in the country, Michael Jordan has contributed to causes close to his heart. Let’s take a look at his most expensive philanthropic ventures.

10 Morehouse College Donation

Director Spike Lee launched the journalism and sports program with a donation at Morehouse College, which has received several donations. To fund the technology and educational programming and scholarships, Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand donated $1 million in May 2021, which will be used to invest in education for men of color, as noted by the Chicago Tribune.

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9 North Carolina Medical Clinics

Michael Jordan teamed up with Novant Health in his hometown, Wilmington, North Carolina, to open two medical clinics. He donated a whopping $10 million to ensure that affordable healthcare is provided to underinsured and uninsured people. The clinics are located in New Hanover County and will open their doors in 2022.

8 Food Banks in California and Chicago

The Last Dance is an Emmy-winning 10-part docuseries released in 2020 detailing the 1997 NBA season when the Chicago Bulls won the championship. Being one of the leading aspects of the series, Jordan made upwards of $2 million from the docuseries. It donated the entire amount to Feeding America in the states of California and Chicago amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

7 Black Community Pledge

After the high-profile police killings in 2020 of innocent people of color, including George Floyd, the world was devastated, which encouraged many people to donate and help their local communities generously. As mentioned by CNBC, Jordan and his brand pledged $100 million to fight income inequality and racism in America, which will donate $10 million every year for the next decade. It will offer grants and financial aid to Black Communities in America.

6 Charlotte Libraries

Hailing from North Carolina, Michael Jordan has always wanted to give back to the community that raised him and supported him. He overtook as the majority owner of Charlotte Hornets and has supported the community over the years. In 2016, he donated $500,000 to literacy programs in Charlotte at the Freedom School Partners, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library Foundation, CrossRoads Corp., and Child Care Resources Incorporation. The amount will help build 18 libraries stocked with books.

5 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Charlotte, North Carolina, cut down $1.25 million from its budget for middle school sports in 2010 to ensure that the funding was equivalent to the budget projections. The district also announced a $50 fee for middle school students and a $100 fee for high school students who wanted to play sports. Michael Jordan stepped in to help and donated $250,000 to the middle school sports program from being eliminated from the city’s budget.

4 National Museum of African American History and Culture

In 2016, Michael Jordan donated $5 million to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture to open a sports gallery. According to USA Today, the NBA legend has also donated his 1996 NBA Finals jersey to be added to the collection. The museum has renamed the sports gallery as The Michael Jordan Hall: Game Changers to commemorate Jordan for his efforts.

3 Boys And Girls Club, Wilmington

Growing up in North Carolina, Michael Jordan spent a lot of time with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, participating in their after-school programs. While contributing to the community for many years, he made a sizable donation in 2007 by giving $100,000 to fund various programs and the organization’s daily operations in his home state.

2 Hurricane Relief, The Bahamas

2019 was a challenging year for the Bahamas as the Caribbean country suffered from Hurricane Dorian, which laid destruction in its wake. As relief efforts were carried out, Jordan donated $1 million to several organizations, helping people find shelter and support as many lost their loved ones.

1 Make-A-Wish Foundation

Michael Jordan first began working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in 1989 while playing for the Chicago Bulls. He granted hundreds of wishes to children worldwide and became the Ambassador in 2008. Along with making wishes come true, he has donated upwards of $5 million to various causes while working with the group for more than thirty years, as reported by NBA.

His other notable donations include paying $2 million for relief efforts during Hurricane Florence, paying $1 million to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, hosting the Michael Jordan Celebrity Golf to raise $7 million, and many more. He has also contributed to the non-profit built after his late-father James R. Jordan, which helps educate communities.

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