Chef shares top healthy Halloween foods from spooky sandwiches to freakish fruit

Halloween is finally here and this weekend is bound to be full of spooks, spirits and… sweets.

Thanks to trick-or-treating our little ones will be loaded up with more chocolates and sweets than they could eat in a month.

And, while it’s fine to treat them it’s important that not everything they nibble is full of sugar, fat or additives.

Making healthy Halloween foods is a great way to celebrate spooky season without overindulging.

Cook Rebecca Wilson, author of What Mummy Makes andFamily Comforts: Simple, Heartwarming Food to Enjoy Together ,shared her top tips with the Daily Star.

Speaking to the Lifestyle team, Rebecca said: “When it comes to Halloween, it can feel like there is a lot of salty or sugary treats on offer which are hard to stay away from.

“While it’s fantastic to serve a balanced diet to our little ones, including these less healthier options to avoid restriction and to have fun with our food it is however, advised to try to limit these if you can.

“Leave the sweeties and chocolate for the trick or treating haul and serve up some spooky treats which are on the healthier side, but still full of delicious ‘gruesome’ flavour!”

Low sugar cookies

She added: “You could make some low sugar Halloween biscuits using spooky cookie cutters in the shape or pumpkins, spiders or bats. If you don’t have specific cutters, try my trick for a DIY pumpkin biscuit.

“Use a large round mug to make a circle biscuit in the dough, and then shape the top of the circle using the point of a sharp knife, to replicate a pumpkin stalk.

“Find recipes for low sugar biscuits in my latest book, Family Comforts.”

Frightening fruit

Rebecca suggested: “How about carving pieces of fruit like apple slices, or salad veggies like cucumber and pepper. You could carve scary faces into the food just like you would on a pumpkin.

“Try using pomegranate seeds for eyes or “blood” filled mouths. Making often refused foods look fun, will help encourage little ones to dig in.

“How about a bowl of gruesome fruit salad, by chopping up green kiwis and quartering green grapes, then covering in mashed raspberries to make it look like spooky blood.”

The cook added: “If you’d like to get really gory, carve banana strips layering onto toast, then cover in blitzed raspberries or strawberries to give spooky image of a blood covered brain – tastes delicious but would you dig in?”

That’s a great breakfast idea!

Spooky sandwiches

Rebecca said: “Try carving scary faces into tortilla wraps or bread to make fun Halloween sandwiches or toasties, here I’ve filled this one with mashed avocado to give a Frankenstein appearance.

“If you can find them, the supermarkets tend to sell candy eyes which are perfect to turn everyday foods into a fun creation.

“Try cutting a criss-cross pattern into a mango half and turning it out to look like a hedgehog – delicious and fun, but if you add eyes to each square it will look like a spooky 10 eyed monster!

“Use spooky cookie cutters to cut shapes into tortilla wraps, then bake these shapes for 5-10 minutes in a hot oven to crisp up, and there you have quick homemade healthier crackers. Perfect to dip into spooky green avocado guacamole.”

Chef Rebecca commented; “There are lots of options to try and keep the salty and sugar treats to a minimum this weekend, but don’t be shy to add a few of these in there too.

“It’s all about balance and having fun with the little ones. Have a Spooktacular weekend everyone!”


Family Comforts: Simple, Heartwarming Food to Enjoy Together by Rebecca Wilson was published by DK on 16 September. Pick it up at Waterstones, for £16.99 or Amazon, for £10.

You can follow Rebecca on Instagram for more foodie tips, @rebeccawilsonfood.

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