Cheltenham Festival 2019: How do I bet at the Cheltenham Festival, what is a Lucky 15 and how do I place a Placepot?

The prestigious meeting is one of the biggest betting weeks of the year, and there are several different types of bet you can place.

Win or each-way

The most common bet on the racecourse.

A win bet is as simple as it sounds – you are backing a horse to win.

For example, a £10 win bet on a horse at 2-1 will return £20, plus your £10 stake.

An each-way bet is two bets – a bet to win and a bet to place. If you're horse wins, you get paid out on both parts of the bet.

Double, treble or accumulator

A double, treble or accumulator requires all legs of the bet to win for you to get any returns.

For example, a double is when you back two horses to win two separate races.

If both win, you win.

It's the same scenario with a treble (three selections) or an accumulator (four or more selections).


A trixie is wager that consists of picking three horses which are then covered by four bets.

These are a combination of three doubles and a treble.

As the trixie is made up of four bets, your stake is multiplied by four.

Therefore, a £5 trixie adds up to a total stake of £20.

Lucky 15

The Lucky 15 is similar to the trixie but for four horses.

The bet is made up of a combination of singles, doubles, trebles and an accumulator.

There are 15 bets in total in a Lucky 15.

So a £1 Lucky 15 adds up to a total stakes of £15.


A Placepot is a bet where you back a horse(s) to finish placed in each of the first six races.

If you increase the number of selections, your stake will also increase.

If you manage to get a horse placed in each race, you more often than not win a tasty sum!

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