Chris Cornell’s Daughter, 14, Reveals Why It Was ‘Bittersweet’ Seeing Dad Win Grammy After Death

Chris Cornell’s children honored him with a powerful speech at the Grammy Awards, and after the show, Toni Cornell told HL how it felt being a part of that moment.

Late rocker Chris Cornell was honored at the 2019 Grammy Awards, nearly two years after his death, and his children sweetly accepted the award on behalf of him. After the show, Chris’ daughter, Toni Cornell, 14, told HollywoodLife, and other media outlets, why the moment was so bittersweet. “Well it was very difficult,” she said, of accepting the award. “Because, obviously we miss him so much. And we saw him work on this so hard. He was always working on his music, it was just his passion,” she said. “It was really sad that he couldn’t be here himself and accept it for something he was so proud of and worked so hard on. So again we are do proud of him, it’s amazing but at the same time so bittersweet, you know.”

Chris won the Grammy for Best Rock Performance at the show, thanks to his previously-unreleased track “When Bad Does Good.” Everyone took notice of the heartfelt speech his children delivered, when accepting the posthumous award. “I never thought we would be standing here without my dad,” his son, Christopher said. “I’m sure he would be proud and honored. He was a rock icon, the Godfather of grunge and a creator of a movement. While he touched the hearts of millions, the most important thing he is known for us is for being the greatest father and our hero. Toni shared a few words as well. “His voice was his vision and his music was his peace … thank you to our mom – his love, his muse and his savior who continues to carry out our father’s legacy … this is for you, daddy,” she added.

Toni previously honored her late father, directly after his passing, in a touching open letter. “Let me start by saying how much I love you and how much you mean to me,” she wrote at the time. “You are my idol, someone I’ve always looked up to. You were always there for me. You pushed me forward every day, and you still do,” part of her message read.

Chris passed away on May 18, 2017, at the age of 52, in what was ruled as a suicide. He was found in his hotel room, following a Soundgarden concert in Detroit.

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