Chris Harrison dishes on how ‘The Bachelorette’ ends

In just a few weeks, “Bachelorette” fans will find out how Hannah Brown’s search for love ends, but Chris Harrison can promise one thing: she’s doing well.

In an interview with “Good Morning America,” the reality TV show host said that Brown “feels really good about all the decisions she’s made” and that “she’s happy.”

Despite criticism of her final few men, especially this season’s “villain,” Luke Parker, Harrison said “she narrowed it down to some good guys.”

“She’s gonna do what’s right for her, and I think she has and I think she’s happy,” he added. “She’ll come out on the other side a happy woman.”

Four men are left on this season of “The Bachelorette”: Jed Wyatt, Luke Parker, Peter Weber, and Tyler Cameron, and Brown has a different dynamic with each. Harrison touched on all four relationships during his conversation with “GMA.”

Jed Wyatt

Although Harrison said that Brown and Wyatt had “undeniable” chemistry, he also recalled how uncomfortable his hometown date was.

“The mom was like, ‘All right I don’t see this, I don’t get this,’ the dad was like, ‘What?!’ The sister flat out says, ‘You’re crazy if you [get engaged].’ So no one in that family believes… he’s ready [to get engaged],” he said.

“If you don’t leave there with a little pause and some red flags, and a little apprehension, you’re not human.” Harrison also added that Wyatt has a career that doesn’t lend itself to the stability that the others’ do. Still, he said, “she’s a sucker for a guy with a guitar.”

Luke Parker

Parker was undoubtedly the most hated man in the “Bachelorette” mansion this season, but Harrison pointed out that he “really cares for Hannah. He really loves her.”

Having a good relationship with his competitors isn’t necessarily indicative of the bond he shared with Brown, though Harrison did note that their relationship has been “this crazy rollercoaster ride.” “But she felt so strongly about Luke for a couple of reasons. Yes, she loved to make out with him, but I think their faith… kept them together,” he said. “Just when you think he’s out, maybe he’s back in!”

Peter Weber

“We make life so difficult. She just described the perfect man: gorgeous, wonderful family, loving, gentleman, pilot, great job, a great life, great future. What’s so hard about that?” he said of Weber. ” You just hopped in the guy’s Mercedes and he drove you to his plane to fly around. Why is the show even still on? How can you not figure this out? Yet we make things so difficult for ourselves.”

Though Brown had an easy rapport with the man Harrison described as “Malibu Ken,” the host worried that perhaps Weber wasn’t “vulnerable enough.” “I always feel like he did just enough to stay but not enough to really take that dive,” he said. “If he’s not the one, I do hope that Peter learned from that and is willing to come back and take that leap and take that risk.”

Tyler Cameron

“Again, I just feel like she’s making it so much more difficult than it needs to be,” Harrison said of Brown’s romance with Cameron. “Tyler is like, ‘Here is my house on the water. This is my boat. We are going to be hanging out here on this crystal blue water. I’m tall. I’m gorgeous. I have 90-pack abs.'”

“What are you not sure of?” he continued. “Where to put the SPF and where to rub the sunscreen?”

Still, Harrison noted that he believes Brown was “almost scared” by how well she got along with Cameron. “Maybe she loved the bad boys,” he said. “There’s always that element, you want to change somebody or fix them, I don’t know.”

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