Christie Brinkley got her Louboutin heel stuck in an escalator

Uptown girl trapped in a down escalator.

The day before she attended the Footwear News Achievement Awards in Manhattan on Tuesday night, Christie Brinkley shared a video of herself in the midst of getting her brand-new, glittery Christian Louboutin heel stuck in the gap of an escalator at Lincoln Center.

The 64-year-old Sports Illustrated model posted a pun-laden screed about the event on her Instagram account, writing, “It hurts my SOLE to see this agony of deFEAT.”

“The escalator won this time,” Brinkley continued, “but I’ll be back with another pair of sparklers! OH HEEL YEAH! Somebody call the police … the fashion police! There’s no business like shoe business … now what will I wear to all the Pumps and Circumstance tomorrow night at the Footwear Achievement Awards! Hope you’re getting a kick out of this … actually I’m the one who needs a new kick!

She concluded, “That pump was a real heel … my new ARCH RIVAL! Have I PUNished you enough toe-night? Lol! Gotta laugh!”

At least Brinkley’s mishap happened in Lincoln Center instead of at the Condé Nast offices.

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