Claim made on incredible £114M EuroMillions jackpot prize

A claim has been made of the incredible £114M EuroMillions jackpot prize – won by a single UK ticket-holder from the draw on Tuesday 1 January 2019.

The lucky ticket-holder scooped an exact prize of £114,969,755.70 which will be paid out at the ticket validation appointment.

The ticket-holder will then decide whether or not to go public and share their news. There will be no information on whether it is an individual or syndicate winner, or where the ticket was purchased unless the ticket-holder decides to go public.

Andy Carter, Senior Winners’ Advisor at The National Lottery, said, “Imagine kicking off the New Year with an extra £114M to your name.

"What an amazing win and year ahead for one lucky UK ticket-holder. This win ranks at number four in the list of the biggest ever National Lottery winners and we look forward to helping them begin to enjoy their win.

“By buying a ticket for EuroMillions or any other National Lottery game, every player is helping to raise money for Good Causes. On average, around £30 million is raised every week for projects across the UK, both big and small, including funding everything from local community projects to preserving the nation’s heritage.”

As well as the chance to win the jackpot prize, the EuroMillions draw on 1 January guaranteed to make 10 new millionaires in a special UK Millionaire Maker event.

In 2018 there were four EuroMillions jackpots won by UK players.

The biggest UK EuroMillions winner was a ticket-holder who banked £121M in April who chose to remain anonymous and in February another anonymous player banked £77M.

In July, Fred and Lesley Higgins from Aberdeenshire won a stunning £57.9M after having their winning ticket mistakenly torn in two.

Andrew Clark from Boston left his winning ticket in his work van for six weeks before he claimed his £76M EuroMillions jackpot just before Christmas.

He was told about the huge win in an incredible phonecall.

Andrew Clark tells the handler "I think I’ve won a few quid" as he makes the call after finally checking his numbers after a nationwide search.                     

The self-employed builder, of Boston, Lincolnshir, had no idea he was the owner of Britain’s biggest ever unclaimed lottery ticket for well over a month.

With a habit of stockpiling tickets in his van, he worked through many cold and wet winter days, unaware he had become a multi-millionaire.

It was only when his partner’s niece, Louise, reminded him to check his tickets, tucked in the visor of his Peugeot Expert, that he discovered his win.

When he finally called to confirm his win, he was heard saying: "I think I’ve won a few quid."

After checking the details, the calltaker joked: "So you’re the person with the ticket."

Andrew told him: "So what it was, my niece kept saying about looking at my ticket because I only check them about every three months.

"Last night I checked them."

Asked what he was going to spend the money on, he replied: "Haven’t got a clue."

But by the time he called partner of four years Trisha Fairhurst, a catering assistant at a local hospital, he told her: "Start looking for a mansion."

The biggest ever winners in the UK are Colin and Chris Weir from Largs who won £161M in July 2011.

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