Cleveland Indians “to determine the best path forward” regarding team name

The Cleveland Indians announced Friday that they are working “to determine the best path forward” regarding their team name, as part of their “responsibility to advance social justice and equality.” The announcement comes after the Washington Redskins announced they would also be reviewing their team’s name. 

“Our organization fully recognizes our team name is among the most visible ways in which we connect with the community,” the team said in a statement. “We have had ongoing discussions organizationally on these issues. The recent social unrest in our community and our country has only underscored the need for us to keep improving as an organization on issues of social justice.”

The MLB team tweeted the news on the same day as their third and fourth round draft picks were announced. They said that they have a “unique place in the community” as the world shifts to an “unprecedented 2020 season.” 

“We are committed to engaging our community and appropriate stakeholders to determine the best path forward with regard to our team name,” they said. “We are committed to listening, learning, and acting in the manner that can best unite and inspire our city and all those who support our team.” 

In 2018, the team got rid of their controversial mascot Chief Wahoo, which was seen as insensitive and racist toward Native Americans, according to CBS Sports. The mascot has not been on the team’s uniforms since. 

The Washington Redskins announced Friday that they will undergo a review of their own name after FedEx, the Redskins’ stadium title sponsor, urged them to do so the day prior. 

“In light of recent events around our country and feedback from our community, the Washington Redskins are announcing the team will undergo a thorough review of the team’s name,” the team said. “This review formalizes the initial discussions the team has been having with the league in recent weeks.”

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