Clever TikTok video reveals how to wrap a gift when you don’t have enough paper

You’ve endured the bustling shops or meticulously combed through the web to get your Christmas shopping done. You’ve lugged home rolls of festive wrap. You’ve spent hours encasing the thoughtful gifts in paper and now you’re down to the last one. Then ruin befalls you.

You haven’t got enough gift wrap to cover the final gift. Do you leave a bare square, cover it with a festive card or do you simply burn it all?

In true 2019 fashion, a TikTok video has arrived to save the day.

The clip, detailing one woman’s genius hack for wrapping gifts, has clocked 2.2 million likes on the app. The video has also been shared onto Twitter, where it’s received more than 7.2 million views.

Christmas mastermind @mrs_dee_penda can be seen moving the item to the middle of the paper and folding down the corners to meet in the centre. She then folds down the pointed ends, squaring them off, and then using a festive sticker to keep it all in place.

It’s a simple trick, yet it’s being hailed as ‘witchcraft.’

‘We can keep this witchcraft in our back pockets for wrapping presents at 2 am Christmas Eve,’ commented one user.

‘Twitter taught me more things than school ever did,’ commented another.

Some sleuths also pointed out that the featured gift actually does have enough paper to be covered using the regular wrapping technique. Fair call.

Other users revealed their own ways of dealing with insufficient wrapper paper, including making a ‘Frankenstein creation by taping scraps to cover the holes’ and simply reusing ‘some birthday gift bags’. Sure, that’s one way to do it.

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