‘Clues’ which have convinced Meghan Markle’s fans she’s already given birth

Meghan Markle is now believed to be overdue, which means royal baby could arrive any day now.

Prince Harry has made several surprise appearances in the last week, none of which were announced in advance just in case Baby Sussex made an appearance.

But despite the Palace saying she definitely hasn't had the baby yet, many people are convinced this isn't the case.

They believed Meghan has already given birth and the couple are keeping it a secret so they can celebrate privately, as they said they would be doing in an official statement last month.

We've had a look through some of the 'clues' which have convinced people that the Sussexes are already a family of three.

Prince Harry's Netherlands trip

Yesterday Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Harry will be taking a two-day trip to the Netherlands .

During the visit, which will take place on May 8 and 9, the Duke of Sussex will attend an official engagement in Amsterdam.

He will then travel to The Hague to official start the one year countdown to the Invictus Games The Hague 2020.

It's a cause very close to Harry's heart, so it's unsurprising that he wants to attend in possible – but many believe he wouldn't leave Meghan if she still hasn't given birth.

So they claim this means the baby has already been born and he's already had some time with his son or daughter.

But the palace told the Metro: "The duchess hasn't had her child and we won't get into what might happen with his visit to the Netherlands."

Meghan's mum's arrival

Meghan's mum Dora Ragland arrived in the UK a few weeks back ready to meet her granddaughter.

She's cancelled the yoga classes she teaches and has hired a dog walker to take her furry friends out – who has been spotted in her neighbourhood.

Harry's 'tired eyes'

Some fans were comparing photos of Prince Harry at recent events and claims he looks more tired, suggesting he's had some sleepless nights.

Kate and William's visit

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge popped into Meghan and Harry's new home on Easter Sunday – which many believe was them meeting their new niece or nephew for the first time.

However sources claim this was actually a meeting to try and heal a rift between the two brothers, set up by Kate.

She told Harry to offer William and "olive branch", which led to him and  Meghan Markle  inviting the Cambridges over to their new home Frogmore Cottage after the Royal Family's Easter Sunday church service.

They had tea and chatted for around 30 minutes at  Frogmore Cottage  .

A palace source said: “The Duchess and Harry have developed a very close bond over the years.

“Kate is acutely aware of the importance of William and Harry getting along, not just because of perception but their collective responsibility to the monarchy as a whole."

Couple's late night Instagram post

The couple got people very excited (and sent royal correspondents into a complete panic) when they posted on Instagram at 11.50pm on Tuesday.

Everyone assumed the late hour meant there was some breaking news to announce, but it was actually a post about mental health.

Many believe the timing suggest Meghan was up during the night with her royal baby.

Chris Evans's 'information'

DJ Chris Evans said he believes he 'knows something' about the birth on his radio – causing all sorts of excitement.

He said: "We sit here still finding ourselves. Some say minus a new royal baby or do we… ladies and gentleman?

News presenter Rachel Horne asked him, "What do you know?" to which Chris replied: "I'm not sure what I know, but I think I know something."

Teasing his special secret, the radio presenter said he'd tell listeners after the next track – but Rachel interrupted and demanded to be given a hint.

"Well, there's more than a hint, what more of a hint do you want, other than the fact that I think there might be a new royal baby already?" Chris said.

"I'm just saying, I'm just putting it out there, right? The Queen has been to see Meghan and Harry!"

The monarch did indeed  pay a secret visit to the newlyweds' new home at Frogmore Cottage  in Windsor, where they've moved in preparation for their new arrival.

Queen Elizabeth wanted to welcome her grandson and his bride to their new pad by being their first visitor, royal sources announced yesterday, but Chris pointed out this is not usual protocol.

"Now, she doesn't do that. That's all I'm saying," he said.

Royal website 'reveals baby's name'

No it didn't, but people were convinced the baby had arrived and had already been named.

If you put possible names after the main part of the URL, there are very different outcomes.

When you type in www.royal.uk/prince-arthur or prince-alexander in and hit enter, it takes you straight back to the homepage.

But if you try others, for examples /princess-grace or /prince-luke it comes up with a 'Page not found' note.

This has of course led people to believe Meghan and Harry are having a boy, and Arthur and Alexander are the names the couple are picking between.

However, a spokesperson from the palace said this wasn't the case.

They said: "A large number of search terms redirects were set up on royal.uk some time ago in order to improve user experience."

A similar theory was also shot down last year when the same thing happened ahead of Prince Louis's birth.

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