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Joy Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth appeared to have a beautiful, budding romance when their relationship was first introduced to us on Counting On. But now, fans are questioning whether Forsyth is too controlling over his wife. People have their theories, but why have so many drawn this conclusion?

Fans aren’t pleased with Joy Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s relationship. | The Duggar Family via Instagram

Duggar and Forsyth began courting when Duggar was only 19 years old

Duggar is the youngest married Duggar daughter, and she entered into a formal courtship with Forsyth soon after her 19th birthday. Although the two had only just starting dating, they had actually known each other for about 15 years. Forsyth joined the Duggars’ church when he moved to Arkansas, and he’d essentially grown up alongside Duggar. (However, Forsyth is almost four years older than her.) Once Duggar began to become a mature young woman, Forsyth saw something different in her. The two began courting in November 2016.

The two were married just four months later

The couple originally had planned a wedding for October 2017. However, they opted to have a ceremony soon after their engagement and decided to change the date. They wed in March 2017, when Duggar was still only 19 years old. The wedding seemed a bit rushed, as Duggar was still very young. Although the Duggar daughters tend to get married young, 19 is barely an adult. Jill Duggar was 23 when she wed, and Jinger was 24, so Joy Anna was considered young even for that family. But Forsyth said she had a big heart and he loved the way she followed the Lord. He knew he wanted her to be his wife.

But there have been rumors about Forsyth’s controlling attitude

The two have had a whirlwind relationship from the start. They courted for just four months before marrying, and a short three months later, Joy Anna announced her pregnancy. The relationship moved fast, and it wasn’t long before rumors started about Forsyth’s controlling attitude toward his wife. According to a source close to the family, Joy Anna’s sister-in-law, Anna (married to Josh Duggar), has said Forsyth has a questionable character. She supposedly called him immature and arrogant. And fans noticed something was off about Forsyth, too.

Fans don’t think the relationship is as equal as it should be

When fans watched the most recent season of Counting On, they got a look at how Duggar and Forsyth interact with one another. And they did not like what they saw. It appeared that Forsyth was controlling over his wife, and he made every family decision. One Reddit user even suggested he must be “at the very least emotionally abusive.” Another user suggested that Duggar has always been forced to listen to others and as a result has become extremely submissive in her own marriage. When she’s asked a question on the show, she always turns to Forsyth to answer rather than having a mind of her own. Users said all of the Duggar women must always conform to the men in their lives, which explains the submissiveness.

While sources have suggested people within the Duggar family do not like Forsyth, the Reddit users are only speculating the couple’s relationship based on what they’ve seen on the show. Duggar and Forsyth have never commented on the accusations.

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