Couple spend three days turning old bathtub into cool garden pond for just £50

A couple decided to put their old bathtub to good use by making it into a stylish garden pond.

Rachel Ball, 27, and her partner Kieron, 33, removed an old tub from their bathroom after an accidental hole was put in it.

It spent over 8 months chilling in their back garden as they contacted removal services to take the tub away.

But after realising how much it would cost to remove it, both Rachel and Kieron, from Sheffield, decided to put their thinking caps on.

Instead they decided to transform it into a stylish garden pond – and it cost them just £50 to do it.

The process of creating the pond took the pair three days in total.

Rachel said: "Me and my partner wondered if it was possible to make a pond.

"Our daughter's birthday was coming up, and she had been asking for pet fish.

"However, I didn't like the idea of a fish tank as we don't have much space for one in the house.

"Last January and February, we had severe winds which had left us with fence panels that had blown through.

"We decided to use these as a base and frame for an upcycled pond."

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The mum added: "I made a pond guard out of some old Dado rail and garden netting from the shed.

"Then I looked for a fish pump on Facebook Marketplace, and came across one for £30."

After removing the front two slabs in the top garden where the bathtub was going, the couple added some decorative pebbles.

The couple used the protective sheet from an old swimming pool for the hole and plug.

After they put the liner in, the couple built the top frame and started front panelling.

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Rachel concluded: "Then we secured the panels with an additional piece of wood."

Tom Church, co-founder of, said: "Creating a pond can be costly.

"If you want to use your own tub to create a pond, I'd recommend keeping it above the ground so that small animals can't fall in.

"Don't forget to find a decent recirculating pond pump and filter.

"Decorative ponds often contain aquatic plants – don't get these mixed up with tropical pond plants."

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