Crime specialist: Five things I would NEVER let my children do

Child sex crime investigator shares the five things she would NEVER let her children do including the app they must stay away from: ‘Nothing good comes from it’

  • An American child sex crime investigator has shared her strict rules for her kids
  • The mum has a list of things she wouldn’t let her children do for their protection 
  • The mum-of-three  doesn’t allow surprising things like sleepovers and secrets
  • Some parents approve of the rules but others think they are far too strict

An American child sex crime investigator has revealed the five things she would never let her children do to protect them from predators.

The Connecticut-based cop and mum-of-three shocked her followers with the ‘surprising’ rules she has for kids, including no sleepovers and using the proper terms for body parts.

Terra Avilla, who is known as thegirlcop on TikTok, often uploads content about child abuse and domestic violence.

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Connecticut-based child sex specialist Terra Avilla has revealed the five things she would never let her kids do

Her number one rule was that she would never let her children go on sleepovers.

‘I get a lot of hate for this,’ she admitted, but explained that it’s too much of a risk from her experience.

‘You don’t know who’s there, or who could slip in during the night,’ she said.

Terra’s second no-go was Snapchat, explaining that a lot of her sex crime cases come from predators using the app.

She believes it’s particularly dangerous as your location can be seen when using it and kids think pictures that are sent will disappear.

‘Nothing good comes from this app,’ she said.

Her third rule was that she never lets her kids hug or kiss people that they don’t want to, including family members. 

Instead, she teaches them that they have the right to consent to people touching them.

‘I know that sounds really mean but it’s their body and if they don’t want to give a hug goodbye then they have the right to do that and to set boundaries,’ she said.


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The rules received so much attention that the cop uploaded a second video sharing more rules her and her family follow.

Terra said she would never let her kids have secrets.

‘There’s a big difference between having a secret and keeping a surprise. Kids need to learn that an outside adult shouldn’t be telling a child to keep a secret.

She also advised telling kids that it’s okay to share a friend’s secret if it will protect them from danger.  

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Her final rule was that she doesn’t let her kids use ‘silly names for their private parts’. 

The mum advises teaching kids the correct name for their body parts, because if something was to happen it’s more difficult for children to explain what happened to police without the correct terms.

Many parents were delighted to hear the rules, and several have already implemented some of the list, particularly the rule against sleepovers.

‘No hate from me, I agree with this list 100 per cent,’ one woman said.

A child sex crime investigators top five rules for protecting kids:

1. No sleepovers

2. No snapchat

3. No forced hugging or touching

4. No secrets

5. Use proper words for body parts 


‘I feel the same about sleepovers, never gonna happen,’ another commented.

‘You’re doing everything right!’ another said. 

‘Paediatric ER doctor child safety expert and mom here, and I agree with every part of this,’ another commented.

However not everyone agreed with the mum’s ‘strict’ approach.

‘Your kids will hate their life. Maybe not now but when they become a certain age they will,’ one man said.

The cop hit back at the troll: ‘That’s a really bold statement to make about three wonderful little girls you’ve never met, they are loved and they are protected.’

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