Critics’ Choice Awards: Patricia Arquette, Rachel Bloom on what THEY could be critics of

Rachel Bloom, Rachel Arquette and Boots Riley all talk at the "Critics' Choice Awards" red carpet about what they feel comfortable critiquing. (Photo: Getty Images, AFP)

The Critics’ Choice Awards honors what the critics think (specifically the Broadcast Film Association). But here’s a question we had for stars on the Sunday show’s red, er, blue carpet:

What do you feel that you could be a professional critic of?

Famous faces gave answers that ranged from food to “bra back fat.”

“Sorry to Bother You” director Boots Riley could judge tiny objects

“I’m a good judge of miniatures. I had a period in my life when I stopped everything I was doing to pursue the art of making miniatures. And I collected all the stuff and made all these little things. Then I decided only twelve people would see it so why would I waste my time with that?”

“Escape at Dannemora” actress Patricia Arquette gets political

Arquette’s favorite subject of criticism? “Politicians. I’m like an armchair political expert.”

But the Critics’ Choice winner doesn’t stop there. “I actually think I’m kind of bossy and criticize a lot of things. I criticize bad design. I’ll watch an HGTV show and will be like, ‘That’s terrible, why did they choose that fabric?’ I always have an opinion.”

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“Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” actor Michael Zegen would critique treasure shows

“I’m really into shows that are about finding treasure or artifacts, and there’s a lot of them out there,” said the star, who plays Joel Maisel on the Amazon series. “There’s ‘The Curse of Oak Island,’ ‘Treasure Quest: Snake Island.’ I feel like I would be a good critic of those.”

“The Middle” actress Patricia Heaton already judges undergarments

The actress had a surefire answer. “I’m trying to solve the problem of back-fat hanging over a bra, and I’ve done it! Uniqlo has a sports bra that is so brilliant. I have a hundred of them and it’s all I ever wear.”

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“Barry” actor Anthony Carrigan knows his ’80s action films

He has a critical take on … “‘80s action movies,” he says. “I feel like I have a very thoughtful approach. There’s a lot of subtext, a lot of symbolism that gets lost on most people. I wish people paid attention more to the dialogue, you know? Everything gets lost in the explosions. But there’s real heart to heart moments.”

His ’80s action film recommendation: “Predator.” “In a lot of ways it’s the kitchen sink. It’s a beautiful story: love and sadness.”

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” star Rachel Bloom is an expert on delis

“I would say Jewish deli food. I was raised eating it a lot and my husband’s grandfather owned a very popular deli, Eisenberg’s in New York, so we’re a big deli family.”

Her biggest complaint about delis?  “Not enough fat, not enough salt, and just make your matzo ball soup! (When delis claim to) ‘redefine matzo ball soup’ I’m like. ‘Why?’ It’s perfect. Just make it.”

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