Curvy model Iskra shares reality behind sexy lingerie snaps and how to nail shot

A lingerie model has shared her handy tips to help fans feel more confident in front of the camera lens.

Iskra Lawrence, from Worchester, posted a video on Instagram to show how she aces sexy photoshoots every time.

She pointed out one crucial thing — it's all about how you feel.

The 34E model dresses in lacy green lingerie and strikes a pose on a bed, showing her ample cleavage as she says: "Try this – kneeling."

Then she changes to another set, in cute baby pink, and crosses her legs in a comfortable position.

"I think you are a goddess", she says as she poses lying on the bed and facing away from the camera.

Iskra adds: "Play music that empowers you, it goes a long way to get you in the mood.

"Find some cute props, it can really help if you are feeling awkward or don't know what to do in the photos to be playful and mess around with a prop.

"I personally love a blanket or a throw for lingerie shoots on the bed or a good old drape or curtain situation."

The model told her fans that there is "no right or wrong way" to do a photoshoot.

She added: "just be yourself, focus on enjoying the moment you are going to crush."

Viewers praised Iskra for the tips, with one commenting: "I found this very informative and it helps with designing my pinup artwork."

"This is everything," a second wrote and a third added: "Oh my God, you empowering goddess."

Victoria Brown, another lingerie model, previously shared some of her body confidence tips.

She told Daily Star: "You need to decide on a colour and style that compliments your body shape.

"There are so many different styles of lingerie available and it's up to you to pick something that you like and makes you feel comfortable.

"I personally love going lingerie shopping and trying all the different styles, your should never feel guilty about treating yourself to some pretty lingerie."

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