Curvy mum making £260k a year on OnlyFans says ‘racy’ pics are only 5% of job

A mum who turned to OnlyFans after losing her office job in lockdown claims filming X-rated content is only “5%” of the role.

Audrey Aura initially made only $14 a day on the website, but now makes around $38,000 (£21,600) every single month.

That’s a whopping £259,000 each year.

But, the 23-year-old Aussie claims her career is a lot more than just taking some sexy snaps.

In the first year of her OnlyFans page, Audrey claims she worked 100 hour weeks and didn’t have a day off for months.

She told the Daily Mail: “I definitely burnt myself out from overworking, which is extremely common in this business, but there is so much to do and not enough hours in the day to get it all done.

“I’m still recovering from overworking myself and am cautious to take more time for self care now.”

On a regular day, the plus sized model chats to her fans, organises and schedules her posts and markets her page across social media.

Audrey, who has tens of thousands of Instagram followers, also coaches other women to be successful on the website.

And, in may she’s teaching a masterclass all about the tricks of the trade.

Audrey noted: “Creating content for my social media accounts takes up more time than the content for my actual OnlyFans.

“It provides no marketing for their creators – with no home page, categories or search function, creators are left to their own devices.

“Most creators turn to social media to advertise their racy pages.”

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Audrey tends to sleep in until 12pm and then do most of her work after her toddler is put to bed at 8pm.

She also films content and does photoshoots at Airbnbs while chatting to fans about their hobbies and lives.

Audrey said: “Subscribers are looking for the personal experience and that doesn't always mean sexual engagement.”

And, it seems the blonde model also gets more out of her career than just sex.

She’s previously stated that OnlyFans improved her confidence in her body and made her feel empowered.

Audrey said: “I think it's empowering to know that plus size people aren't always seen as disgusting, like society portrays us, and there are people who see us as beautiful and sexy.”

Audrey has previously said she earns thousands each month "jiggling her fat".

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