Daily horoscope for April 7: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Expect big things from Tuesday, due to the influence of two major aspects. Tuesday begins with Mars in Aquarius forming a Square with Uranus in Taurus, triggering serious repercussions for your horoscope.

The Square is the aspect, or special angle, where planets or other horoscope points are approximately 90 degrees apart in the Zodiac.

Such a Mars-Uranus combination is commonly considered to create energy and cause the unexpected to occur.

Now is consequently thought to be the time to break the rules and attempt a new approach.

There may also be an itch you simply cannot satisfy scratch today as Mars and Uranus Square.


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You should anticipate feeling restless, uneasy and even a little on edge.

It is sometimes good to give things a good shake up to get them unstuck and this is that occasion.

Do not ignore this opportunity or this may come back to haunt you when you least expect.

As a result, exhibit caution when driving or handling sharp or heavy things today.

Mars and Uranus are just the ticket for innovation and breaking down barriers.

With Mercury creating a Sextile with both Pluto and Jupiter, this is a very important day.

The Sextile is an aspect formed when planets are two signs or about 60 degrees apart.

The aspect is considered to be a positive harmony between planets that opens up new pathways for growth.

This Mercury Sextile bodes well for positive news stories hitting the headlines.

However, although what you hear can change and transform you, it might also be a little scary.

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Everything is with Jupiter and Pluto walking hand in hand at this time and can also help you keep abreast of the news.

The Moon is in Libra this Tuesday night, a sign of love and cooperation.

Astrologers believe this Libra Moon is a good sign for a pull together.

The Libra Full Moon arrives tonight when you need love and support more than ever.

Our celestial orb harmonises with lovers Venus and Mars first off and you really cannot do this one alone.

You may need all the help that you can get during these difficult days.

The Full Moon also forms an Opposition to Chiron during the night.

This is believed to be just the thing to drive home how vulnerable you feel right now if you are self-isolating alone.

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