Daily horoscope for November 24: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Today you’ll be feeling much more open, sociable, communicative and playful. This is largely down to the Sun and Mercury being in curious Sagittarius and the Moon moving into childlike Leo. Express.co.uk reveals your horoscope, star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for November 24.

Mercury moves into Sagittarius today, where it will stay until December 13.

Mercury is the planet of communication, and when it is in the curious and questioning sign of Sagittarius we’re off to a great start.

Cafe Astrology said: “Mercury in Sagittarius inspires an adventurous mindset and encourages us to be brave with thoughts and ideas.

“Our thinking is optimistic and idealistic, and our faith increases.

“However, we are not always very precise or detail-oriented during this cycle.”

The Sun is also in Sagittarius so our goals are lofty today.

With the Sun in Sagittarius, our focus shifts from the need for an intimate connection with a person and with ourselves, to the desire to reach out to the world and connect with something larger than ourselves, according to Cafe Astrology.

The site reads: “While the Sun moves through this fiery, mutable sign, we can take steps to increase our understanding and awareness of the world around us.

“We are more able to muster up the courage to expand our horizons and branch out into new ways of thinking.

“We can gain more confidence and optimism by focusing on the big picture as we move away from our focus on the details of mundane existence.

“Although we may be prone to overdoing our expectations, we have the opportunity to nurture our faith, hope, and vision under this influence.”

The Moon moves from Cancer to Leo today, shifting our emotional needs and focus.

Cafe Astrology said: “With the Moon in Cancer, we sought comfortable, safe, and familiar faces and places.

“However, when the Moon moves into Leo we will open up to more feedback, attention, and interaction.”

The Moon in Leo speaks to our “inner child”, apparently.

Cafe Astrology explains: “It’s a warm, generous, whole-heartedly loving position.

“Pride keeps us from pettiness, but it can also prevent us from opening up and revealing how we are truly feeling.

“We are on stage, our feelings are grand, and we appreciate some drama in our lives.

“We are easily threatened by anything that seems to be impersonal.”

This is also a time when we seek attention when we want to stand out for our special qualities, just be wary that your intentions are pure.

Luckily, a Leo Moon phase is a strong time for romance and any creative activity as well.

The Moon in Leo generally favours the following activities:

  • Creative activities
  • Activities involving children
  • Generous undertakings
  • Undertakings in which personal recognition is desired
  • Risk-taking

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