Determined woman braves hurricane for restaurant date – and soon regrets it

A singleton in search for love has left the internet in stitches after braving a hurricane to go on a date – which wasn't even worth it.

Cassidy Dangler, who lives in New York City, admitted it was an unforgettable first date and joked "no one has ever made a woman so wet".

In the hilarious video she uploaded on TikTok, the woman says: "When you accidentally go on a first date in a hurricane because you feel bad cancelling last minute and he wants to go."

Gearing herself up in a head-to-toe raincoat and an umbrella, Cassidy finds herself battling the pouring rain and strong winds as she walks to meet up with her date.

"I'm soaked, haha I just have to document this," she giggles while treading through flood water on the street.

"I'm just gonna say if I don’t find love with this kind of effort put in, who will?"

While she doesn't show details of her first date, she says it only lasted about an hour and was gutted after finding out the man lived only 10 blocks away from the restaurant and while she lives 80 blocks away.

On her way to the subway station, she turns her camera around to show the horrible conditions – howling winds sweeping across the empty roads and heavy downpours from all directions.

Her shoes are completely wet to an extent that she is able to pour yellow water out from the boots.

"No man on Earth has ever made a woman this wet," she adds.

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"It’s moments like this when you really know if you’re a Sex and the City kind of New York girl or when you’re a Broad City kind of New York girl."

At last, she arrives home safely and when asked how the date went, Cassidy immediately rates: "Zero out of 10! Do not recommend going on a date in a tornado-slash-hurricane."

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