DIY fans are creating custom-size feature mirrors for £20 using The Range buys

An interiors fan has used five cheap mirrors from The Range to create a gorgeous feature mirror in her hallway.

Stacey Cruwys and her husband, Chris, from Hemel Hampstead, wanted to add a large mirror to their home and were pleased to find a bargain in the budget store.

The “Boston Mirrors” cost just £9.99 for three and can be arranged in multiple ways to create stylish designs.

Posting her creation to Facebook, Stacey said: “We needed a mirror for the hallway, picked two packs of these up in The Range (only got charged for one, bargain!) and laid them out on floor deciding on different designs."

She continued: “Wasn't liking the the way they were looking so thought I would give them a 3D effect rather putting all flush to the wall.

“I’m happy with the result – my husband’s done a fab job sticking them on wall.”

To mount the mirrors to the wall, Stacey and Chris stuck double sided tape to stick four mirrors onto the wall and to stick the centre mirror to the others behind.

As the frame is plastic, they weren’t too heavy to stay up!

DIY-fans were impressed by the creative hack as over 7,000 people liked the post and nearly 900 commented.

One person commented: “Looks really nice and so effective!”

“Pinching this one for my bedroom, love it,” added another.

Stacey told the Daily Star: “I could never have imagined that my idea would be received by so much positivity or gain this level of attention.

“It goes without saying that I am really pleased with how the mirrors look in my hallway.

“I am looking forward to whatever my next project will be.”

And, even The Range was impressed as it soon posted Stacey’s design on its Instagram page alongside several other arrangements!

It added: “Thank you to our lovely customers for sharing these images on Facebook and Instagram!"

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