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Is there a pattern with third stews on Below Deck? With each new season comes the hope that chief stew Kate Chastain will find harmony with her third. But after seeing her reaction to the newest crew member on her team, seems to prompt the question. Will Chastain ever like her third stew?

Chastain has held the chief stew role for five out of the six seasons of the show. And in every single season, she butts heads and seems to roll her eyes at her third stew. While stews in this position are often green, some are well trained and hard workers. With one in particular who did her job very well.

She’s had drama with every third stew

From her first season on the show, she’s been irritated or had drama with the third stew. When Chastain debuted on season two, she seemed annoyed and iced out third stew Amy Johnson. Johnson worked hard and likely was Chastain’s best third stew ever. But like in other seasons, Chastain and second stew Kat Held buddied up and Johnson was the odd woman out.

Other third stews included Raquel “Rocky” Dakota, Sierra Storm, and Jennifer Howell. Chastain even got into a Twitter war with Dakota. And she took shots at Howell’s job performance. She eventually apologized to Howell during the reunion show.

Is it a third stew thing?

Caroline Bedol

After former third stew Caroline Bedol left, viewers thought maybe Chastain would be welcoming to a new stew. Not so much.  When new third stew Laura Betancourt started examining the boat, Chastain and second stew Josiah Carter seemed super annoyed. They even threw some shade Betancourt’s way during the crew outing.

Andy Cohen asked Captain Lee Rosbach about what occurs between Chastain and her third stews on Watch What Happens Live. “Do you think there was something going on with Kate and Josiah kind of ganging up on the whoever the third person was there,” Cohen asks. Rosbach responds with, “No.”

And while chief stew Hannah Ferriera seems to have drama with her third stews on Below Deck Med, the pattern of icing that person out isn’t as clear. She seemed to form alliances with two other third stews like Kasey Cohen and Lauren Cohen when her second stews became frustrated with her.

Chastain actually became friends with some third stews

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Both Johnson and Howell became friends with Chastain after the season. Johnson and Chastain appeared on WWHL in 2016 and seemed to be pals. Chastain even said this about not having Johnson on charter. “I’m really sad that Amy’s not here, but I also know that she has a really gorgeous, younger South African boyfriend, and they are working on a yacht together, so she has sailed off into the sunset and is very happy.”

Howell and Chastain are on good terms too. But Howell claims it was second stew Brianna Adekeye’s fault she had drama with Chastain. “So Bri started having her fun, and that’s when you can kind of see the tension mounting between Kate and I, When Kate and I were really just frustrated with one another and Bri is the ‘zen-like’ stew standing on the sidelines, when in reality she’s eating her popcorn watching what she’s put into play.”

Any chance for a friendship with Caroline Bedol? Chastain says if she hadn’t worked with Bedol, she seemed like someone she’d love to meet for coffee. “I wish the best for her,” Chastain says. “I like her.”

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