Dog bites pensioner’s arm as owner flees scene and yells ‘you’ll be fine’

A pensioner had a chunk taken out of his arm by a dangerous dog – as its owner fled the scene shouting: “He’s had his injections, you’ll be fine”.

Charles Brown, 82, from Derby, was left with exposed bone and needing a skin graft on his arm after he was attacked as he walked through a park last week.

Police have now launched a hunt for the dog owner after he failed to come forward.

The retired builder says he spotted a large black dog running towards him – which then launched and took a chunk of flesh out of his arm as he desperately tried to protect his face.

He claims he was knocked backwards onto the floor, but the dog's owner said to him: 'He's had his injections, you'll be fine.' before fleeing the scene.

Charles managed to call wife Ann, 74, who rushed him to A&E where he was told he would need a skin graft to repair the damage.

He said: “The force of the dog was indescribable, and it knocked me over onto my back, my lower body is all bruised, my back is twisted, and the flesh of my arm was nowhere to be seen.

“I don’t know if the dog ate it or not, but it was gone, I remember laying in bed that evening and noticing how much flesh was gone.

"I was just walking as I usually do, and the dog ran at me with speed.

“I think it was a big black Labrador, but it could have been a cross breed- it was huge.

“He leapt straight for my neck so I put my arm in the way and he got a hold of that, when I looked down after being slammed to the ground, I could see bone.

“I fell into a ditch and my back was in so much pain, even worse than my arm, so I knew it was serious.

“My arm was bleeding continuously, there was so much of it and the man whose dog attacked me had already made his escape.

“It’s a good thing that I’m ok, my biggest worry now is what if it happens again to a small child, I’m not sure they would be able to defend themselves so it could be fatal.”

The attack took place on July 19 [FRI] and Charles claims that he was left in a ditch after the owner took one look at him and said: “I can’t control him, he’s a rescue dog but you’ll be ok because he’s had his injections”.

The dog owner then left the 82-year-old man alone, on the ground, severely bleeding.

Ann, Charles’s wife, said: “I just can’t believe the man abandoned him, it’s disgusting, we want to find the culprit before this happens again.

 “Charles doesn’t always have his phone on him, it’s so lucky that he did this time because who knows how he would have ended up if he couldn’t contact anyone.”

Charles has been in and out of hospital for the last few days, his arm has been bandaged up but it still bleeds through the bandages and now has an appointment to have his skin grafted because his arm is dangerously damaged.

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