‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Recap: Kim Tells Kroy She Wants Another Child

Wake up and smell the coffee! The Biermann clan explored the idea of opening up a brick and mortar coffee shop amid their usual chaos on the Friday, March 1, episode of Don’t Be Tardy.

Before Kroy Biermann launched into his newest post-football career venture, he took time to sit with Brielle Biermann to help her make sense of her financial situation. The former Atlanta Falcons player likened Brielle’s career as an influencer to his early days playing football. Kroy reminisced about making “ten dollars an hour” one day and then suddenly making millions after being signed to a team.

Kroy then hinted at Brielle’s social media salary, saying she made, “hundreds of thousands of dollars overnight,” by posting sponsored posts. After Brielle asked Kroy if she could hand over her finances to him, the father of six insisted she remain independent. “If I hold your hand through all your finances, you’re not gonna know how to deal with your money,” her step-dad said.

Later, Kroy and Kim Zolciak-Biermann discussed their dream of opening a coffee shop. “I’m not doing football right now. I do feel an urge stirring in me to find something I can be passionate about again,” he said. “We love coffee, we love working together. So, you know, I think the idea of a coffee shop is really a pretty genius idea.”

When Kroy admitted that mornings will “be super quiet” when all four kids go to school, Kim interjected his thought.

“Maybe we should just make another one,” Kim said. “We can do both! We can have a baby and a coffee shop.”

Later, the couple set off to look at rental properties, including one location that was the former site of a popular Starbucks location. Kroy and Kim took a step back, however, when the price of a five-year lease commitment proved too daunting for them. Kim was especially shocked to discover the building didn’t come with free coffee machines.

Together, the husband and wife business duo decided to pivot away from their original idea.

The episode also Ariana, as she visited Berry College at her parents’ urging, following her initial disinterest in attending college. Ariana, who’s expressed interest in being an actress, met with the head of the theater department. When asked about her experience with performing, Kim pitched her daughter to the department head.

“She’s been on television since she was 5, being her funny self,” her mom said. In a testimonial, older sister Brielle shot the notion down, saying that shooting a reality show was not the same as acting: “We don’t have to stop and re-film our life forty times in a row.”

Don’t Be Tardy airs on Bravo Fridays at 9 p.m. ET.

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