Dr. Oz ‘completely missed the signs’ of his mother’s Alzheimer’s

Dr. Mehmet Oz is an avowed expert on Alzheimer’s symptoms — but he failed to realize his own mother was showing them.

“[When] it came to my own family, I completely missed the signs of one of the most feared diseases,” the 59-year-old cardiac surgeon posted to his official website and Instagram.

“The Dr. Oz Show” host recently found out his mother, Suna, 81, has Alzheimer’s disease.

“Hearing the official diagnosis was devastating,” he wrote. “But just as painful for me was the realization that the signs were there all along — I had just been overlooking them.”

Signs he missed included the fact that his mother had recently become more stubborn, started giving away her possessions to near-strangers, was struggling to complete tasks and misplacing things.

“It’s very painful to admit this on my own stage,” he said in an episode of his show which aired Monday. “My family lost our truth. The biggest lies we tell are the ones we tell ourselves.”

The diagnosis has also given Dr. Oz previously unknown insight into his own genetic makeup: He now knows he has the AP0E4 Alzheimer’s gene, putting him at higher risk for the disease. He learned this after taking a test to find out what he can do to reduce his chance of getting it, and has since begun an Omega-3 supplement regimen to lower his cholesterol.

Recent Alzheimer’s research found that meditation can help prevent the disease, and excessive daytime napping and experiencing migraines can be early signs of it. But even for those dealt this genetic hand, there are ways to reduce your odds of getting the currently incurable condition, including living a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Oz and his mother SunaDr. Oz and his mother SunaDr. Oz and his mother SunaDr. Oz and his mother SunaDr. Oz and his mother Suna

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