Dying mum inscribes sweet message on son's X-Box controller

‘My mother-in-law gifted this to my significant other, and signed it the day she passed,’ the wife wrote.

‘It’s very special to him and signed with a metallic sharpie. How can we protect the writing?’

The post received over 2,000 comments with people weighing in with their advice.

The most popular choice was to simply display it and purchase a new controller for everyday use.

‘A new controller will never cost as much as this memory,’ wrote one person.

A museum professional also commented, recommending the best way to store things in the way they preserve their artefacts.

‘Don’t put any kind of coating on it. Most “clear coats” will discolour over time, and will eventually yellow, flake, or otherwise deteriorate,’ they wrote.

‘Museum-grade storage and display items are readily available though they can be pricey depending upon what you need.

‘Until you can get something, keep it in its case and somewhere safe with minimal temperature changes.’

Other commenters advised chatting to Microsoft, creators of X-Box.

The wife didn’t reply to the suggestions but with over 2,000 to sift through, she has plenty of options.

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