EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Sir Mick Jagger's girlfriend 'joins him in the Med'

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Sir Mick Jagger’s girlfriend Melanie Hamrick ‘joins him in the Mediterranean’ (while British tourists must wait)

While we must wait to sun ourselves in the Mediterranean, Sir Mick Jagger is already there. And now his girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick, appears to have joined him.

British tourists have been forbidden from entering Italy since December but the singer, 77, sneaked into Sicily before the ban.

This week, Hamrick, a 34-year-old American ballerina, shared this photo of herself sunbathing.

Mick Jagger’s ballerina girlfriend Melanie Hamrick has joined him in Sicily this week and (right) the couple’s son Deveraux also got in on the posing action, as he copied his mum’s snap

Victoria and Albert Museum chairman Nicholas Coleridge appears to have joined the ranks of Britain’s premier stately home owners.

The neo-gothic folly built in the garden of his Worcestershire home, Wolverton Hall, has been included in a new book, Romantics & Classics: Style In The English Country House, by Jeremy Musson and Hugo Rittson Thomas.

‘They’ve managed to make a three-star exhibit look four-star with brilliant writing and photography,’ admits Coleridge.

Getting smartened up for your first time eating out with friends next week? Kirstie Allsopp says proudly that she never allowed her standards to drop during lockdown.

‘I didn’t let myself go,’ declares the television presenter, who lives with property developer Ben Andersen.

‘I get up, I blowdry my hair . . . I don’t think it’s fair on Ben apart from anything else. I still wear perfume — the whole thing.

‘The idea I might have stayed in bed this morning and worked from there makes me feel itchy.

It’s not in my DNA to lounge around in casual clothes. The slobbiest I get is a nice dressing gown.’

Kirstie Allsopp says proudly that she never allowed her standards to drop during lockdown

The smart set’s talking about… Dave setting tongues wagging

Trumpeted as the friendly antidote to Facebook, social network Nextdoor has been abuzz in Chipping Norton with ‘multiple sightings’ of a grey Mitsubishi SUV driving through the lanes of Oxfordshire, hotly pursued by two men in sunglasses in a black Range Rover.

One of the curtain-twitchers who posted the reports hinted darkly that it looked like the operation of some drug gang.

However, a day later, there was a sheepish explanation on the website that the ‘drug dealer’ was, in fact, David Cameron — being followed by his protection officers — as the former PM went about his daily, and laudable, charitable work delivering meals to elderly residents.

Princess Anne is to herald the end of lockdown by launching a new equestrian event at her country estate, Gatcombe Park.

The Queen’s daughter, who cancelled the Gatcombe Horse Trials after 29 years in 2019, is to host the final of the Cotswold Cup at her 700-acre Gloucestershire estate in September.

Princess Anne will herald end of lockdown with a new equestrian event at Gatcombe Park

And the organisers hope it will become an annual fixture, with the Princess presenting the prizes.

‘We are paving the way for future young riders,’ organiser Amy Morgan tells me. She hopes the championships will provide an opportunity for young unaffiliated riders.

The Princess says: ‘I hope competitors will be inspired by the setting and that it will give them something fun and challenging to aim at as sport gets going again after lockdown.’

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