Ex-WWE star whose career ended when breast implant exploded turns to OnlyFans

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A former WWE wrestling pro has revealed how she was forced to spend months on the sidelines when one of her breast implants exploded.

Scarlett Bordeaux, whose real name is Elizabeth Chihiaia, was released from WWE with her partner and real-life fiance Karrion Kross in November this year.

Now, while she waits to pursue other wrestling opportunities, the veteran of the ring has also set up an OnlyFans account, where her husband helps her shoot saucy pictures to sell to subscribers.

Before taking on this new venture, Scarlett revealed on the Oral Sessions podcast that her time in WWE had been cut short, when one of her breast implants exploded.

“I wasn’t medically cleared yet. I was having matches with Raw and Smackdown because they wanted me to wrestle,” she began.

“After the second match, everything was going great. I get home and look in the mirror and I’m like, one of these doesn’t look like the other.

“The next day was NXT and I immediately go to medical and I’m like, ‘hey, I’m not sure if I’m going crazy or if [my breasts] always look like this, maybe I’m just tired?’

“With the adrenaline from wrestling, you don’t even notice certain things hurt all the time, so I didn’t even think anything of it.

“So I went to medical and they were like, ‘oh my God yes, one of your boobs is totally gone’.

Scarlett then revealed that she was happy to continue working with WWE while she got the surgery, but accepted that she would not be able to enter the ring in the meantime.

She continued: “But the plan was, I guess, for me to wrestle. So they were like, ‘when you’re totally clear, we’re gonna have you wrestle.”

This meant that the bosses scrapped her ringside management roles, and she was confined to the sidelines for four months while she recovered.

But Scarlett explained that she held no grudges about how the injury might have happened and confessed that her doctors had informed her that the issue was fairly common among other professional wrestlers.

“Even when I went to the doctor, they were like, ‘oh yeah, we’ve done a lot of the girls who have worked there, whoever has implants,” she added.

“I wasn’t afraid to talk about it, but I was told, ‘it’s probably better if you don’t tell anyone what happened’, but I’m not embarrassed by it.”

And, the ex-wrestler has since taken a side-step, setting up her own OnlyFans account where she is able to share steamy photos with fans.

"It's fun to dress sexy and look sexy when no-one is telling you to do it," she explained.

"There was a lot of people messaging me saying, 'you could make a lot of money doing this, you just have to share more content'.

"You don't have to compromise yourself doing anything you're not comfortable with, but there is an audience and a lot of money to be made."

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