Expert warns new car tax changes could push drivers to ‘breaking point’

Car tax changes will not go down well among drivers who are suffering hard due to coronavirus.

In fact, it might impact drivers as well as push them to "breaking point", a motoring lawyer has warned.

These changes will increase in London from October with the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) extending to other boroughs.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has already introduced the idea of a £3.50 daily charge for those who travel into outer London areas.

Drivers who own heavily polluted vehicles will also be taxed in Bath and Birmingham when the new Clean Air Zone projects launch.

It is believed parking taxes could be boosted this year with Leicester City Council looking into a workplace parking levy.

And in Newham Council, new car tax changes could see thousands of drivers being forced to pay to park outside their homes.

But now motoring lawyer Nick Freeman has claimed councils need to cut down costs as many might be hit badly due to Covid-19.

Speaking to, the expert said: "Everyone has a breaking point.

"The vast majority of people have either lost their business or sustained a serious downturn. We are about to hit a serious recession.

"Everybody, including councils, have to look and accept reality and accept actually we are going to need to live off far less money."

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The Treasury also warned the switch to electric cars could cause a £40billion gap in public spending.

That's because the revenue generated from traditional Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and fuel duty charges would drop.

Also Nick has claimed road users would likely be against the introduction of a new pay per mile road pricing charge.

He added: "What the motorists want is to say we are already taxed heavily enough when we buy the vehicle when we buy fuel.

Nick concluded: "Any further tax would be grossly unfair.

"I don't know where it's going to end because I think the motorist is close to breaking."

This comes after Newham Council introduced a new emissions-based charge on all parking permits.

It means drivers with the most polluting cars emitting over 226g/km of CO2 will pay an emissions charge on top of parking.

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