Experts say Brits have decking laid upside down as ridges should face down

Home renovation experts have left Brits in shock after claiming that we’re all laying our outdoor decking upside down.

And, if your ridged side is facing up… that means you.

Instagram account, @My_London_Home, a home-styling pro who shares tips and tricks to make your house look in tip top shape explained the problem.

And, it seems there’s plenty of evidence to back up their point.

The caption on the snaps said: "I have a public service announcement for anyone that hasn't seen my stories. YOUR DECKING IS UPSIDE DOWN!"

Is your outdoor decking laid with the ridges facing up? Tell us about it in the comments section…

It continued: "Yep, ridged side up? That's upside down.

“The ridges are to encourage circulation and stop the rot.

“They do not add extra grip. They are not meant to be seen.

“OK I'm done now. You're welcome."

Is your jaw on the floor? Ours is…

And, it appears that decking experts agree – despite thousands of Brits laying their decking in just this way.

Decking firm Softwoods noted: "Every decking timber manufacturer will tell you: the proper way to install a board is ridge side down.

"The ridges, they say, were designed to let air circulate underneath the boards.

“This, according to them, prevents the buildup of moisture and, consequently, of mould.”

And, also asserted that the ridges are not there to help grip, reports the Mirror.

They wrote: “Boards should unequivocally be placed grooves down”

Plus, if you’re worried about slipping they said you need to use a sealant to "texturise the wood or rubberise it”.

Like what you see? Then fill your boots…

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An Instagram poster added that there are some decking slats which come ridged on both sides – so you’re not wrong to place these however you wish.

Another noted that they would never lay their decking the wrong way again, and said: “Far more pretty to look at. Who. Knew. Mind blown."

A second wrote: “Just told my husband.

“He initially looked at me like I was mad, but now he's fully onboard with this revelation."

Don’t mind us, we’re just off to check our decking…

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