Extinction Rebellion demo branded ‘hypocritical and anti-democratic’

Extinction Rebellion protest near Buckingham Palace

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As hundreds of animal rights campaigners took to London’s streets ­yesterday as part of a fortnight of planned disruptions, she said “the right to protest was a cornerstone of a free society… but so is making decisions ­democratically, not by mob rule”. Writing exclusively for the Sunday Express she argues the country does care about the environment and “calm reasoning is a lot more persuasive than causing mayhem” by shutting roads, closing businesses, stopping public transport or causing criminal damage. 

And in some “free advice” for protesters, she says: “Glue yourself to a train and people won’t think you have a deep understanding of climate science.

Make impossible demands of others while insisting that you need to drive, fly and have a big carbon footprint and they’ll think you’re a hypocrite.”

Her remarks came as Animal Rebellion protesters, an offshoot of climate change campaigners Extinction Rebellion, marched through the capital.

Accompanied by a giant pink octopus, around 500 gathered outside Smithfield Market, the historic home of London’s meat industry, for a National Animal Rights March to demand an end to exploitation and liberation for animals.

Among the crowd were members from pressure groups such as Camp Beagle and Ocean Rebellion, plus anti-vivisectionists, as banners and signs reading “Unite for Animal Justice” and “Meat is Murder” were held up. After a series of speeches they set off banging drums and blowing whistles while being escorted on their march by hundreds of police officers.

The two-mile protest brought traffic to a standstill.

A minute’s silence for aquatic animals “who are born into captivity, where they suffer and are killed” was held outside the Marine Stewardship Council.

Yesterday’s march was part of the Impossible Rebellion, which started last Monday and calls on the Government to act on the climate crisis.

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