Foodie shares delicious red velvet brownie recipe using easy-to-find ingredients

A food lover has shared a simple recipe to make delicious red velvet brownies with easy ingredients.

Eloise Head, from London, posted a one-minute recipe video on her Instagram, Fitwaffle, with straight-forward instructions to teach her followers how to make the cake from scratch.

In the clip, she prepares the batter by mixing melted butter, granulated sugar, an egg and one egg yolk.

To create the reddish-brown appearance, she puts vanilla extract and red food colouring in the mix before adding the plain flour and cocoa powder in.

Right before the bake, she adds one teaspoon of lemon juice and some white chocolate chips to enhance the flavour.

She then bakes the batter in the oven at 160C for 27 to 32 minutes.

Eloise continues: "For the icing, you need butter and cream cheese. Whisk these together, then add the vanilla extract and stir it in.

"Add the icing sugar gradually and whisk until fully combined."

When the brownie base is cooked, there is one simple step left to do.

"Spoon the icing on top of it and spread them out evenly, enjoy!" she adds.

The foodie says it is optional to add the icing layer on top but it is so tasty that it goes with "pretty much anything".

Viewers said they couldn't wait to try the recipe as some said "red velvet is everything".

One said: "Oh my God! This is one of my favourite desserts ever!"

Another loved Eloise's presentation and wrote: "Looks unreal."

Eloise previously used a similar recipe to bake soft red velvet cookies with white chocolate chips.

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