Foodies divided over viral hack to re-heat your pizza

Foodies divided over viral ‘frypan hack’ to re-heat your pizza – and they have two key concerns

  • Foodies divided over frypan pizza method
  • It involves reheating pizza in a pan with water

It has been dubbed ‘the only way to reheat pizza well’ and promises to leave diners with a crispy base and gooey cheese – but it appears some people are taking a firm stance against the viral ‘frypan method’.

The re-heating hack became popular at the end of 2022 when it first surfaced online – with keen pizza lovers claiming they would never heat pizza up in the microwave again.

The method involves placing a slice of pizza in a frypan before adding a few cubes of ice or a splash of water and popping the lid on.

Even pizza companies have given the thumbs up to the hack – claiming it takes just two to four minutes on medium heat to get the job done.

But nay-sayers claim there are a few flaws to the method.

‘Pans only fit one piece of pizza, I am not just going to have one piece,’ one man said.

The frypan pizza reheating hack has been slammed over two very specific problems

While another complained that four minutes was ‘three minutes too long’ and he would prefer to use an airfryer.

And the timing seemed to be a major issue.

‘I found this product called a “microwave” works a treat. Go google it,’ one woman said.

‘I put my toaster on its side, works a treat and you can do four slices instead of one,’ added another.

Some said leftover pizza has ‘no business being reheated’.

Some people claim the method takes too long while others laugh at the idea of enjoying a single slice 

‘Does anyone else still enjoy their pizza cols?’ one man asked.

And another agreed.

‘My favourite thing about ordering pizza is having cold pizza the next day.’

But other fans backed up the method.

‘I don’t know why but it is even better than the first time around for me – the crust is just so good,’ one said.

‘The steam makes the pizza soft and the cheese perfect but the base is crunchy – I will never heat pizza any other way,’ said another.

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