Foodies praise chef’s mouth-watering recipe for cheesy hash brown pizza

Us Brits cannot get enough of a greasy snack to munch on.

From hash browns for breakfast to a cheese filled pizza for dinner.

Nothing quite hits the sweet spot like a barrage of carbs.

However, have you ever thought about having the brekkie and Italian favourites together?

Well, one foodie has taken to TikTok to share their epic hash brown pizza recipe.

And without a doubt it has got people’s mouth’s watering.

TikTok chef Steve Devereux shared his cheesy creation under the username @foodmadesimple.

First of all, Steve lines a tin with some hash browns and press them down so they sit firmly at the bottom of the dish.

Then, the foodie pours on some tomato sauce and seasons the base with herbs.

After this, Steve then sprinkles on some grated cheese and cover the sauce completely.

Nothing finishes a pizza without some toppings.

With that in mind, the TikTok chef places some pepperoni on top of their hash brown pizza hybrid.

All that is left to do is place the dish into the oven until it is crispy on top.

And there you have a cheesy hash brown pizza delight!

Staggeringly, the hash brown based dish has now racked up 101,000 views and 4,500 likes.

Salivating at the breakfast pizza, many people fled to the comments to show their love for the cheese coated food.

One person commented: “Looks proper nice.”

Another user added: “This looks good, that’s gonna be my breakfast tomorrow.”

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A third person remarked: “Okay I’m making this one.”

However not everyone was so pleased about the dish.

One person commented: “Revolting, hash browns deserve better.”

Someone else simply added: “Wrongens.”

While, another said: “Deserve prison for that.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of the hash brown pizza!

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