Former prisoners are selling their jail uniforms online for up to £60 per item

Freed convicts have caused a prison uniform shortage – by flogging their old jail togs online.

They’re supposed to hand the clothing back when released – but instead they’re cashing in on a craze for HMP gear – and breaking the law too.

Prison issue shirts and trousers like those from TV classic Porridge fetch up to £60 a time on eBay.

And even jail undies and socks get snapped up by crime memorabilia fans.

Online sellers even list the years they were worn inside.

An ex-inmate of HMP Kirkham, near Preston, Lancs, is selling a T-shirt promising buyers: “100 per cent genuine – hard to come by.”

Another seller offers an “original HM Prison shirt with prison name tags” for £34 on eBay, with “Blue+White stripes, the traditional prisoner dress code”.

A source told us “there is a big market out there” boosted by TV crime dramas.

The scam emerged after a report by the Independent Monitoring Board warned of a uniforms shortage at London’s Wormwood Scrubs.

Around 120 inmates a month are freed from the Category B nick.

The report said: “Prisoners are sometimes released wearing prison-issue clothing, which contributes to shortages.”

A spokesman for the Prison Service said: “Anyone who sells prison clothing would be breaking the law."

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