Foul play suspected as dead monkey missing part of its face found on UK street

A dead monkey missing part of its face has been found on a suburban street in the UK.

Authorities are now investigating the grim discovery – and admitted "foul play" is a possibility.

The horrified woman who found the body on Friday night in Edmonton, north London, contacted the charities RSPCA and Monkey World, immediately.

Philip Heyes, the RSPCA animal welfare officer (AWO) who collected the body, said the animal had suffered severe trauma.

He added: “The lady found the monkey’s body lying in the road by the entrance to a block of flats and suspects it may have been run over.

“She wasn’t sure what to do so she contacted Monkey World who told her to report the discovery to us.

“Where this monkey came from remains a mystery."

“The most likely explanation is that this marmoset was kept as a pet and either escaped from its home and was tragically killed on the road or the body was dumped after it died naturally.

"However, we can’t rule out any foul play and we’d be keen to hear from anyone with any information.”

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Marmosets are the most commonly kept and traded species of primate as pets.

It is legal to own a marmoset in the UK but the RSPCA is campaigning against primates as pets.

And Monkey World, an ape rescue centre in Dorset, has supported this campaign.

Dr Alison Cronin, director of the charity, said: “This is not the first time this year that Monkey World has been called about a marmoset loose on the streets of London. We were able to rescue the first individual but sadly this one died a tragic and seemingly violent death.

“We have asked the Government, and met with George Eustace, about the out of control and unregulated trade in monkeys as pets in UK and nothing has been done. Now they are dying on the streets of London.”

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