Gay priest, 80, takes back toyboy model – and doesn’t mind if he sleeps around

An elderly priest who split from his toyboy husband after he left him homeless has taken the model back – and doesn’t mind if he sleeps around.

Philip Clements, 80, wed Florin Marin, 25, earlier this year at a low-key ceremony in Ramsgate, Kent.

But they split after just five months, which left Mr Clements penniless after he sold his £214,000 home to buy his younger lover a flat in his native Romania.

Now though, they’ve reconciled and the retired priest has admitted he is madly in love.

"I have a deep affection for him.

"I love him to bits, if we were permanently separated, I would be the most unhappy person in the world," the pensioner told The Sun.           

The couple, who have a 55-year age gap, currently don’t live together as Florin is working in Spain.

But Philip, of Kent, is confident he’s being faithful – and isn’t too bothered if he’s not.

"We have agreed as part of our agreement as an open relationship, if we have a serious relationship, we will tell each other.

"I would be a little bit jealous I have to admit. That other chap, who doesn’t exist at the moment, is getting more of what I should be enjoying," Philip added.

The couple met on dating app Gaydar.

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