Girl has ‘worst lice infestation’ that leaves hair detaching from her scalp

A head lice technician has shared one of the "worst cases" on a young girl whose hair was so severely infested with lice she had to call child protective services.

Rachel Maroun, from Sydney, Australia, was heartbroken when she found the tiny bugs sucking blood from around the child's head and neck.

"Lice is one thing. But neglect is another. I see both at work but nothing compares to this," she said in a TikTok video.

Dozens of lice can be seen crawling in between the hair strands as the expert examines the situation.

The girl's hair was partly plaited and get stuck in a big bulk of knot that Rachel couldn't brush through it with her medical device.

Rachel said the girl also suffered from "severe matting" and her hair was "detaching from her scalp", adding that there is a weird smell from the hair, which she believed it could be a mould underneath.

She said: "In usual cases it's just a matter of combing the hair section by section and popping the lice but I didn't want to put a metal comb anywhere near this poor baby's hair.

"You can see the lice even drinking blood from her forehead. This breaks my heart to see but I'm glad that she was taken to a hospital where the doctors shaved her hair off.

"It's sad but I'm glad that she has a fresh start."

Many viewers were shocked to see the girl suffering from severe lice problem but they were also angry of the parents' negligence.

One said: "This is just one sign of neglect, I wonder what other things that child endured. Was she bathed, fed, clothes changed, cuddled? Makes me so sad and angry!"

"Kids can't choose their parents and this is heartbreaking," a second wrote and a third thanked Rachel for calling the child protection service.

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