Glam twins bombarded with rude DMs as men beg to spend night with them

Glamorous twins are tired of men sliding into their DMs with lewd requests.

Inka and Neele Hoepe have been in the spotlight since they were just 15.

They were scouted by modelling agents as teenagers and moved from Bavaria, Germany, to Milan, Italy, to pursue their careers.

The 25-year-old sisters have gone on to work with big brands including Dior, L’Oreal and H&M.

But while there’s been plenty of positives to their careers, there’s also been some drawbacks.

Ink and Neele attract a lot of unwanted male attention – and some have even offered to pay to spend the night with them.

The sisters are often approached by men who ask them the same question – “Do you share your boyfriend?”

Meanwhile, others tell them they need to find a set of twins to date so they can understand their strong sibling bond.

They said: “We often get comments on social media telling us we are very skinny, but we also get nice comments that we are beautiful and special.

"People also message us offering us money to spend the night with us. We are regularly approached by men who always ask us the same question, 'do you share your boyfriend?'

"Being a twin definitely impacts your love life, we think all twins can relate to that.”

The models continued: "You have already found your soulmate in your other twin, so you feel like you don't really miss anything.

"When we date someone, he has to understand our relationship. We are together most of the time and love spending our time together.

"Some people think our relationship is unhealthy because we spend so much time together but we don't listen to them."

Inka and Neele don’t let negative perceptions hold them back.

They say their bond is so strong as they have overcome difficult hurdles together.

Back in 2016, when she was 20, Neele was treated for anorexia.

Inka was unable to visit her for three months and the pair decided to take a break from modelling for a year.

Neele recalled: "I needed to go to the hospital and stay there for three months because I was anorexic.

"After we had lived and worked in Tokyo for six months, I developed the eating disorder and was dangerously low in weight.

"We had a modelling break for a year and Inka couldn't visit me – it was the longest time we've ever been apart.”

After Neele’s recovery, the pair returned to modelling and say their sisterly connection is stronger than ever.

She added: “I was happy to go back to modelling – of course there is pressure but I really wanted to go back to working with Inka.

"Our advice to other twins is love and cherish the bond you have, it's the best thing in the world being a twin.

"Our advice to other models is to be yourself."

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