Golden Boy Promotions Owner Oscar De La Hoya Planning Mega-Fight With Floyd Mayweather In 2022

It’s a known fact in the boxing world that styles make fights. And when two of the most stylistic, elusive fighters go head-to-head, it creates the sort of fight that makes for the history books. That super welterweight super fight occurred on May 5, 2007, against Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather. At the time, De La Hoya had a boxing record of 38 fights, 4 losses with 30 of those fights won by knockout. Floyd ‘Pretty Boy’ Mayweather has a resume of 37 fights, no losses, and 24 of those wins by way of knockout. That night, the younger and more efficient boxer, Mayweather, won by unanimous decision. Now, fifteen years later, De La Hoya, who is now 48, is planning on returning to the ring with his sights set on Money Mayweather.

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Oscar seems to show no signs of taking a break as he was scheduled to fight 44-year old MMA veteran, Vitor Belfort, in September. But the fight was canceled due to De La Hoya catching Covid. According to TMZ, De La Hoya had plans to return to the ring in 2021, but those plans changed when he contracted Covid. But now that he’s overcome the virus, he is more hungry than ever to get back in the ring, and he’s coming to set the record straight with Floyd over the 2007 TKO.

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His last professional bout was against Manny Pacquiao, which was in 2008. Since then, the Golden Boy Promotions founder has been focused on setting prize fights for the boxers signed to his club, such as Joseph Diaz Jr., Blair Cobbs, and Ryan Garcia. It’s safe to say that even without stepping foot into the boxing ring again in his life, Oscar De La Hoya is still set for life.

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Both Oscar and Floyd are boxing promoters. And they each own arguably the most influential boxing promotions of modern boxing – Golden Boy Promotions and Mayweather Promotions. So even outside the ring, these two fighters have still been toe-to-toe in competition. With such an in-depth knowledge of the elements in making a mega-fight happen while raking in PPV sales, Oscar understands that a veteran like himself returning to the sport would be a highly anticipated event, especially if it’ll be against an undisputed opponent like Floyd Mayweather.

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He’s aware that returning to the ring is not a matter of getting a paycheck to live; he has enough boxers under his boxing club for that. But a comeback for Oscar would be the same reason that Mike Tyson fought Roy Jones Jr. in 2020 – an easy payday.

De La Hoya already put money on the table for the Mayweather rematch, $100 million to be exact. Being that they’re both professional boxers, it’s unclear whether they will be fighting under traditional boxing rules, considering the exhibition-style fight with Mayweather against Logan Paul. Either way, boxing fans will be looking forward to this bout against two of boxing’s legends.

Sources: TMZ, MARCA

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