‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Amelia & Owen Fight & Are Surprised By Unexpected News

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is making history once again. After the Feb. 28 episode, the show is now the longest-running medical drama of all-time. The episode was full of steamy moments and a few that might break your heart.

Jackson decides to throw a party celebrating Catherine’s surgery, but the night doesn’t end how everyone’s expecting it to. The episode opens with the Grey’s gang all standing outside Jackson’s penthouse as firefighters work on the building. So, what happened?! The episode flashes back to five hours earlier when mostly everyone is still at the hospital.

Meredith tells Alex that she’s dating DeLuca. Alex, being the chief and Meredith’s friend, is kind of torn about the situation. Meredith brings up that Alex married a resident. Alex notes that Meredith was mean to Jo for a long time. Alex plants his foot right in the middle, saying that she needs to report the relationship to HR and hopes DeLuca makes her happy.

Betty’s parents arrive to come take her and baby Leo home. Amelia holds her emotions together, but you can tell she’s devastated. She gives Betty a good pep talk before sending her on her way. Amelia goes to the party with Owen, and they run right in to Teddy and Tom, who can’t keep their hands off each other. Owen is noticeably annoyed with Teddy and Tom, so this only pushes Amelia farther away. She keeps to herself. He confronts her and wonders why she won’t talk to him. Amelia says it’s hard to talk when he’s staring at Teddy the whole time. Ouch.

Meredith and DeLuca arrive to the party as well and share a sweet kiss before walking in. They end up making out in a guest room, but Richard walks in on them. It’s so awkward. Later, Meredith and Amelia cross paths. Amelia admits that she doesn’t think Owen is over Teddy. Meredith notes that Teddy is always going to be in Owen’s life, so she needs to make peace with it.

Bailey and Catherine take a limo to the hospital, and Catherine’s not exactly thrilled about the party. She doesn’t feel like celebrating because she’ll never be out of the woods with cancer. She dreads the wait between scans. Bailey stresses to Catherine that she’s alive and that is cause to enough to celebrate.

Alex’s mom, Helen, shows up at the hospital unexpectedly. Jo runs into her, so she takes Helen to the party to meet Alex. Alex, understandably, is worried about his mother. He’s not sure what state she’s in. Alex and his mother have a complicated history. She’s schizophrenic and his dad was a drug addict so Alex’s childhood wasn’t easy. Helen seems to have a good time at the party and mingles well. She drops her knitting yarn on a candle, but doesn’t notice it. Later, she can’t seem to get a burning smell out of her head. She thinks there’s a fire, but Alex doesn’t believe her.

Owen can’t shake his hate for Tom, and it doesn’t help that Jackson and Richard don’t like him either. When he tries to talk to Amelia about it, she says, “If you’re not interested in Teddy, what does it matter?” Owen thinks Amelia is being insecure about all of this, and she claps back that it’s only been 7 months since Owen left to profess his love to Teddy. It’s not a surprise that Amelia thinks those lingering feelings are there. She’s also petrified that when Owen sees his daughter, those feelings about Teddy will come flooding back. “I need to step out of the circle,” she says. “I’m saying I’m not in it anymore.”

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