Gym guru takes snaps seconds apart to show difference posing can make

A gym guru flaunted her tummy and showed how influencers use simple tricks to hide rolls and creases.

Danielle, AKA Kale Them With Kindness to her 100,000 Instagram followers, is known for sharing fitness tips online.

She recently revealed how easy it is to make your body look different in pictures by using simple practises.

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The fitness pro shared two pictures of herself side-by-side to show what her body looks like posed and relaxed.

She sat wearing lingerie to show just how much leaner her tummy looks simply by sucking in.

Even her arms and face looked more toned as she posed for the camera, which shows just how easy it is to transform your image for social media.

The pictures Danielle shared aren't even edited – so you can see how simple it is to alter your look before you introduce apps into the mix.

It's so easy to hide the parts of yourself you don't want to show, which is important to remember.

Writing on Instagram, Danielle said: "Even on the more difficult days, on the bad body image days, on the days your skin isn’t thriving, even on your more bloated days, you’re still worthy.

"So don’t let social media dictate your worth!

"Scrolling past endless filtered, edited, adjusted, posed photos can make us forget our uniqueness and imperfections make us human, and that our bodies deserve to be comfortable without being spoken to negatively.

"They are allowed to just exist as they are. There is beauty in being confident as your authentic self!

"I hope these are a helpful reminder. Sending all my love."

Since she shared the post more than 7,000 people have liked it – and people were quick to comment too.

Many of Danielle's followers regularly thank her for promoting body acceptance and helping others to love the skin they're in.

One person said: "Helpful reminders as always beauty."

Another added: "You can be both. We love you for who you are, not for how you look."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "I think you’re beautiful 24/7 literally."


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