Hair stylist slammed for charging tall and long-haired clients extra

Hair stylist announces she’s charging EXTRA for anyone who has long hair or is taller than 5ft 8in – but is slammed by customers for ‘losing her mind’

  • British hairdresser posted to say she’d charge extra for those taller than 5ft 8in 
  • She also said she’d ask for more money if a client’s hair reached their bra strap 
  • The anonymous Instagram story was shared by HairAdvisorUk on Twitter  
  • Twitter users were quick to criticise her, and wrote that she had ‘lost her mind’ 

A British hair stylist has been slammed online after revealing she’s going to charge people ‘extra’ if they are over 5ft 8in tall or have long hair that reaches their bra strap.

An Instagram story with details of the pricing was shared by @HairAdvisorUK on Twitter, who asked: ‘Are hair stylists expecting too much from their clients?’

‘An anonymous hair stylist has put a height restriction on her clients and we are not just talking about hair.’

The social media post quickly attracted attention, as people questioned whether the stylist in question ‘had lost her mind’. 

The stylist posted to say that her pricing was subject to change, depending on the height of the client, length of the hair, and whether the customer had been honest about several factors when booking in at the salon 

The hair stylist, who was not named, shared the news that she’d be charging certain clients extra on her Instagram page 

In the initial post, the unnamed hair stylist wrote: ‘Please note that the price is subject to change.

‘If you are above the height of 5ft 8in, there is an additional charge; if your hair is bra strap length or longer, there is an additional charge.’ 

The image was shared on Twitter by a UK salon review page, who asked whether stylists were expecting too much of their clients. 

It was viewed more than 1,000 times, but cut out the name of the stylist who had posted the comments, deciding to keep her anonymous.

A hair-related Twitter page shared the post and asked for social media feedback, writing ‘are hair stylists expecting too much from their clients? 

The stylist went on to warn that those who tried to cheat the system would be fined an additional cost and have their booking changed.

It read: ‘If you incorrectly measure your hair, the scheduled length you initially booked may be changed and additional costs will be added accordingly. 

‘Also, current pictures of your hair are required at the time of your consultation.’

Social media users were stunned by the story, and were quick to critique the hair stylist for the strict rules.

Twitter users couldn’t believe the post, with several commenting that she had ‘lost her mind’ and questioned what height had to do with hair 

One wrote: ‘This hair stylist has lost her damn mind! What in the world has height got to do with length of hair! And so what if your hair is long is not still the same hair style?’  

Another responded: ‘LOOOOL I’m still crying at if you are above the height of 5’8. What kind of height discrimination is this?’

Another questioned whether the stylist may be too small to reach the client’s hair.  

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